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Inspirational Sources for the Art of Game Design

Inspirational Sources for the Art of Game Design

Every game should have a starting idea that will give the game designer the starting point. What is the thing that differentiates the amateurs of the professionals is that the pros don’t have only a single idea behind a game, but a whole concept well put together. You may ask yourself where do you get that concept from? The art of game design presumes respecting a few secrets.

Look for a source of inspiration

To make sure that inspiration is not already used in some other game, you should think about something personal. Throughout your lifetime you may have experienced different emotions and obstacles to be passed. The beautiful art of game design succeeds to transpose real life emotions into a virtual game.

You must choose a personal experience that you would like to share it with others.
You must think about how could that experience be projected into a game so other people who will play the game will feel the same as you did. Brainstorming is the universal way of gathering new ideas. However it can be replaced with a mirror for a personal experience combined with art and music.

When your mind is blank

If you don’t have anything that you think it might be interesting, you could think about a game concept starting directly from its aim. For example, you could ask yourself what would it be the perfect game for the teenagers who like to read books. Take into consideration factors such as lifestyle, experience, expectations, age, socializing level, IQ and EQ.


The best ideas may not appear through brainstorming but it’s still a good way of generating new content. The art of game design presumes connecting two different things that apparently don’t have anything in common. This may lead to the emergence of a third new thing. Remember that two brains are always better than one brain. So you’d better admit that you simply cannot do some brainstorming just by yourself. Type or write, use sketches, drawings, pictures, objects, toys, puns – whatever it will give you ideas. Think about how could you combine these things in order to get the answer that you’re looking for. You could try to mix and match categories: think about how you could mix technology ideas, story ideas and aesthetic ideas. Choose a moment when you feel very relaxed and don’t be afraid to be silly. Sometimes crazy silly games are the ones that gain popularity the most. Don’t criticize and be positive even if the ideas don’t seem like they are polished at all.