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Is It Still Possible to Find a Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Is It Still Possible to Find a Cheap Car Insurance for Women

It is a fact that the price of a car insurance depends on many factors, including age, driving record and the type of car that you drive. Furthermore, since gender is not available criteria for getting a cheap car insurance anymore, it seems that women will have to pay more money to the insurance companies. Although most companies used to see men as potentially high risk, it appears that they don’t want to make any differences between genders anymore. So, cheap car insurance for women is harder to get now.

What changed?

The European Court of Justice made a ruling according to which the insurers can no longer consider gender when calculating an insurance’s cost. The law no longer permits cheap car insurance for women, so although women have statistically proved that they are less prone to accidents than men, they won’t be rewarded with lower insurance costs anymore. While some people might not agree with this change, others consider it a good thing, because not all women are more careful than all men when driving, and not all men are more likely to get involved in car accidents than women.

Which are the ruling’s effects?

The ruling made by the European Court of Justice had the role to even out insurance rates, which is not good news for women who used to get insurance up to 50% cheaper than men. Most women are not satisfied with the fact that they have to pay premiums that don’t reflect their real risk, but the risk of their male peers instead. Furthermore, it seems that the new law has added about $800 to car insurance for women who are less than 22 years old.

How to get cheap car insurance for women?

The ruling according to which women have to pay the same amount of money on car insurance like men shouldn’t signal the end of cheap policies. One criteria that has a huge impact on the price of a car’s insurance is represented by the type of car that you drive. Therefore, you need to consider a vehicle’s speed, value and security features before buying a car, because that can help you achieve a more convenient car insurance price. Another solution for cutting costs is to add an older driver to the insurance, especially if they have a good driving record and a great driving experience. Increasing your car’s security features can also help you achieve your goal.