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Kids Halloween Music

Kids Halloween Music

If you plan on having a party on Halloween then you know that there is no great party without great music. If you have no idea for any kids Halloween music then you should check this out. We have collected a few song titles that will help you create a Halloween playlist which will please all the children in the world.

1. “This is Halloween” from the movie “The nightmare before Christmas”.

Because of its specific title, this song could be the intro song for your party! It is sung by many contrasting voices. The negative of the song has many details detached from a funny horror fairy tale. It’s a song that not only has nice Halloween lyrics, but it also creates the Halloween specific mood.

2. The theme from “The Addams family movie”

Children will recognize this song ever since the first three seconds. They may even know the lyrics and sing together. You can encourage this thing!

3. “Headless horseman” by Bing Crosby

The beautiful warm voice of Bing Crosby and the beautiful background female voices is a hard to scary pack. If there are many little children invited to this party you might as well try to choose some kids Halloween music that doesn’t sound so scary. This is the perfect example since the melodic line is not alert at all. It basically sings about scary things using a calm tone.

4. “I scream for candy” by Bandgard

This is a lovely song that you can play it while you costume your child. It doesn’t have an alert rhythm either and it’s very fun to teach your child the chorus of this song: You scream, I scream, we all scream for candies, I want candies pretty please? You can even make your child’s friends sing together this song and scream at the end of this chorus. You could teach them to go to your neighbors’ doors and sing this chorus instead of the classic “Trick or treat”!

5. Halloween songs by Super Simple Songs

If you have internet access you can play some cute kids Halloween music straight from YouTube.Type in the search box “Halloween songs super simple songs playlist” and you will see many themed songs that appeal to any child who likes to go trick or treating.

6. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

The most beautiful Halloween song that you could play on Halloween is the no.1 hit Thriller by Michael Jackson. The more “Thriller” movements your children will know, the more candies will get!