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Learn How to Draw Different Flowers

Learn How to Draw Different Flowers

Mastering how to draw different flowers is a real strong point for a drawer. We present to you a few steps for how to do that:


If you want to learn how to draw different flowers then you should start with drawing a sunflower. It’s the most recognizable among all the flowers that exist. You must trace some guidelines for the petals and for the inner part. In order to do that, you must simply draw two circles – one of them to be found completely into another and both of them to have the same center. Cross-hatch the little circle, draw the petals in the space between the two circles and don’t forget about the stem and the leaves. Color it in yellow, green and black.


If you want to learn how to draw different flowers you should practice your skill with some tulips. Start with a curved line and a round circle on one end. It would be easier for you to draw if you first started with some guidelines. Add the guides of the leaves and petals. Draw three petals: two petals in front and one petal in the back. Tulip has some particular leaves – long and curvy, that’s exactly how the guidelines for the leaves must be. Trace definitive lines and make it look more natural by drawing some texturizing lines. In the end you can fill the drawing with color – you will need green and red, pink or white.


Sketch the outline starting with a small circle, draw a bigger circle around the smaller one making sure they have the same center. Begin to draw the petals in the space between the two circles like they would hold on to the little circle. For every petal you draw make sure the next one is drawn exactly in the opposite side of the middle part. After you have done drawing the petals, continue with another layer of petals beneath the first layer. They don’t have to distinguish themselves so well, it’s enough if you can draw the round edge of each petal.

Basic flower

It doesn’t matter if we can’t say its name, we are pretty sure that these flowers are real. Start with the same two circles that have the same center and begin to draw petals in the space between them. The bigger the inner circle is, the more interesting the flower will look like. You can play with the number of petals and draw 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more petals. You can also play with their shape – make them round, make them look elongated or boxy. There are endless combinations!