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Learn to Draw Anime

Learn to Draw Anime

You have some drawing skills and you would like to learn to draw anime then these tips will guide you on your way of anime comics artist to be!. It’s not difficult at all, you just need a little practice to figure it out how to do it.

Watch as many anime as you can

First of all you must exercise your imagination. Every time you have the chance you must watch anime or read anime comics. Pay attention to details and analyze the characters slowly. Human eye cannot perceive all the details of the outfit at a single glance.

Try to draw anime by yourself

It would be a good idea to draw anime by placing pieces of paper on top of an anime magazine and copy the drawing by tracing with the pen the translucid lines that you can see through the paper. However if you do that before you get to discover your own anime drawing style you may be influenced by your first drawing anime. How do you expect to learn to draw anime without having ruined a few drawings before? That’s why it’s highly important to try to draw anime by yourself without any guidelines before you begin to copy someone else’s work. Don’t be afraid if they don’t come out as neat as you would like to. Continue to practice tracing many lines and correcting it without using an eraser. Concentrate on structure, shape and on how proportions influence the outcome. The expressiveness of a character’s face is the most appreciated part in an anime, so don’t be afraid to show crazy emotions!

Exercise a lot

Take many anime comics and draw again all their pages by placing pieces of paper on top of each page. Do you know the saying “practice makes perfect”?

It’s getting more complicated

Watch the details for every part of an anime body. Make it look younger or older. Dress the character in other clothes, change the facial expression and the hairstyle. Play with it!

Draw your favorite anime character

The easiest way to learn to draw anime is to try reproducing your favorite character. When it comes to think about it, there is no bigger incentive for you than to finally be able to draw your favorite character in many positions and to be able to do this with free hand!

Clothes, body, face, eyes

Never stop learning. Even if you have succeeded to draw some anime characters you should still invest some time and geometrically analyze the clothes, the body, the face and the eyes – all separately.