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Learn to Play Golf

Learn to Play Golf

The following lines address those who so far have only admired golf, those who are sick of just watching and are ready to start their golf instruction. We are going to assume that aside from the fact that it is played on a course and it uses some sort of clubs, you don’t know anything about golf. We are going to provide you with some simple¬†beginner golf lessons, in order to guide you every step of the way, as there is nothing that we love more than gaining more players on our side.

What’s the deal with the clubs?

The first step in your golf instruction is learning how to choose the best clubs. For starters, you shouldn’t buy a complete set of clubs, nor should you focus on expensive clubs. Believe us, as an amateur, you can practice just as well with cheap clubs as you do with expensive ones. Start with 3 essential clubs: a driver, a sand wedge and a putter. As you understand the basics of golf, add a few more clubs to your selection such as a pitching wedge, a 6-iron, a fairway wood and an 8- iron. Now, we can’t cover the use of each club, as that is generally the type of thing that you learn on the course, ideally with someone guiding you. However, we can tell you this: when shopping for clubs, don’t just admire them on a shelf. Try them on! Only buy the clubs which you can control enough in order to achieve an aggressive swing. Generally, wood clubs with more loft are ideal for beginners.

What should You Know About Golf Balls?

As a beginner, you are likely to lose a lot of balls. As such, forget all about expensive $40 dozen golf balls and instead choose the $20 set. As you practice and you get a clearer idea of the number of balls that you are likely to lose during a game, you can maybe consider the more expensive ones.

Read the golf rules

As any other game, golf is all about rules. You may think that at the beginning, you only need some beginner golf tips to help you practice your swing. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the golf etiquette so that you don’t unwillingly bother other players. Before you actually learn to play golf, go to the USGA website, print a copy of the rules, and read it carefully.

Hit the Golf Range

Before you hit the course, you should practice at the golf range a few times. It wouldn’t hurt to get some beginner golf lessons with an instructor, or at least ask one of your golf connoisseur friends to give you a few lessons. Online tutorials about grip, position, swing and puts will only get you to a certain point, after which, you will need someone standing next to you, correcting you whenever you make mistakes.

Keep a golf journal

This isn’t something that you read in your average¬†beginner golf tips tutorial. Nevertheless, a golf journal can be extremely useful. Basically, what you need to do is practice which each club individually and measure your average shot with each club. There are also some devices which can help you monitor your progress. For faster results, we advise you to get the 2016 best golf swing analyzer. This device will show you what mistakes you make when hitting the ball, and it will teach you how to improve your swing. Moreover, it keeps a record of all your shots so that you can monitor your evolution with different clubs.

Do you need golf gadgets?

There are a lot of golf gadgets out there. However, few of them can make a difference for a beginner. What can make a difference is a golf rangefinder. This device will offer you accurate measurements from your standpoint to the pin. Based on these readings, you can choose the right club for each shot, provided that you took out advice and kept a golf journal. However, as it goes with any other gadgets, rangefinders vary dramatically from one brand to another and the most expensive ones are seldom the best ones for your needs. Read some golf rangefinder reviews before committing to a particular model.

Practice makes perfect

Going to the golf range is not just for people who want to learn to play golf. Focusing solely on shots is essential in order to improve your game. Moreover, avoid the common mistake of only practicing your long distance short. Develop a shooting routine, starting from short shots and gradually moving on to long distance shots. This is essential in order to learn some self control. Moreover, the short shots can be just as important as the long shots.