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Learn to sew with Janome sewing machines

Learn to sew with Janome sewing machines

There are many sewing machines available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for all customers’ needs. The models range from basic that is for beginners or occasional use, to those with highly advanced features that allow experienced tailors to carry out complex projects.  All this may sound impressive, but someone who is merely learning how to tailor clothes truly needs something that is easy to use without complex features. Even if choosing the right sewing machine has become quite a daunting task, now multiple manufacturers create lines of models especially dedicated to beginners. Janome is one of the few manufacturers that are able to meet the expectations of all types of customers. Janome sewing machines such as Janome SUV 1108 has all the necessary features for beginner needs.

Bobbin winder

The role of the bobbin is to refill the thread if it runs out. The bobbin is basically a spool made out of metal or plastic and keeps the stitches in place. The bobbin is essential for the functioning of the machine because otherwise you are required to stop and rewind more than once during your project. Janome SUV 1108 comes equipped with both twin spool pins and a front-loading bobbin system.


Learn to sew with Janome sewing machines_2

Ease of use is the most important characteristic of any sewing machine, especially if you have not yet mastered sewing techniques that are more complex.  Generally, buyers want to make clothes, quilts, curtains or to mend items if necessary. Computerized machines can be difficult to use because they have so many features and technologies incorporated, and this is why you might want to consider a mechanical sewing machine. With them, you can stick to the basics, and may be encouraged to try different projects that are more complex. As opposed to other machines that feature a large variety of stitch selection, this beginner machine has only eight stitches so as not to complicate things. The model of stitch is selected from the dial placed right in front of the unit. SUV literally stands for Superior Utility Value, which means that you are making an investment for the future.  Janome SUV 1108 provides all the stitches that you need like straight reverse and zigzag.


If you are just learning to tailor, then you probably need a speed selector. Only after a few years of experience can you work at high speeds. Beginners have to look for machines like Janome SUV 1108 that allow them to adjust the speed because it is easier to guide the fabric and to sew straight. Experienced tailors are able to stop anytime during the process and to use the presser foot. You on the other hand can opt for a sewing machine with a dial because it allows you to have better control of the operation. Equally important are the thread control because the stitches become ineffective if they are not taut. On the other hand, if the thread is too taught, then there is the risk of it breaking. In this situation, you will be frequently required to stop and rethread the machine. The perfect stitch is a result of a balanced top and bottom tension. On the Janome SUV1108 the top balanced tension in typically #4.