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Long Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Long Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride dreams about having the most beautiful hairstyle when the big day comes. The hair curls will never go out of style, nor the buns. If you are lucky to have long fairy hair you must check these long hair wedding hairstyles. For the big day, it’s advisable to go to a professional hairdresser that will know how to choose the hairstyle that fits you the best.


Depending on your age, you can choose among having a bun or having some curls. A bun is more suitable for you if you’re over 30 years old or if you just have a very nice face profile. A lovely chin or forehead can be better emphasized if you’ll have an elegant, classy yet lively bun.


Many long hair wedding hairstyles are achieved with curls. If you don’t have enough time to grow your hair until the wedding day, some hair extensions will do as well. Just make sure they are good quality ones and that they are not too heavy since it will be very tiring for you to wear them 12 hours with no stop! The advantage of having curls is that you have maximum movement freedom. You don’t have to worry about ruining your hair because the curls will stay as they were projected to stay – free! The worse thing it could happen for your curls is to loosen up a little – and sometimes that may be a good thing when you feel too tense!

Hair Braids

Wearing hair braids on your wedding day is the most romantic choice. You will look like a fairy tale princess who doesn’t struggle at all to look flawless. Hair braids are perfect for long hair wedding hairstyles because they require much hair material. You may think that hair braids don’t leave you too many choices about your hairstyle, but there couldn’t be anything further from the truth. You can have a bun made of a single hair braid or more hair braids that will combine and create a bun. The hair braids may begin from one side of the head, from the neck or from the top of the head depending on the type of hairstyle that you want to have.

Combinations of the above

A more complex hairstyle will incorporate more hair modeling techniques – for example to have a bun made of hair braids or to have a bun with curls gently framing the face. This kind of hairstyle takes a little more time to be achieved so make sure you take some time in your wedding day to properly prepare your coiffure.

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