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Love Your Work, Love Your Workspace

Love Your Work, Love Your Workspace

Everyone wants to love their job, to love the work that they do, but sometimes we forget to think about the place where we do that work. Whether you are designing an office for your business, or putting together your personal workspace, or building your own workshop or maker space, if you love where you work, it will be easier to love your work.

Do You Use it Every Day?

Decluttering is all the rage at home. You probably spend as much time in your workspace as you do in your house. Clearing clutter and mess from the space you work in is just as important, or even more important, than clearing the mess from your home. Look at the bulky things crowding around you as you try to work. Do you need them? Do you use them every day? Which ones are worn from regular use and which ones are dusty and unused?

Is It Where You Need It?

Consider making large equipment mobile using heavy duty casters or a similar system. Especially if your workspace is a workshop rather than a traditional office, mobility and the ability to rearrange at need can be a lifesaver. If you are in an office situation, working with other people, being able to periodically shift heavy equipment and large furniture can make the difference between a static, useless space and a flexible, useful one. If you are trying to make a small space function as a larger one, mobility and adaptability become less of a happy feature and more of a necessity.

A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place

That said, just as there are advantages to mobility in equipment, there are advantages to built in options, particularly built-in storage for small spaces. Whether you are working in a small space or a large one, make sure that all your equipment, even if that equipment is just pens and paper, has a place to go when you’re done with it. That place will also be the first place you look when something is lost.

Be Open to Change

Accept that your needs will likely evolve over time: be open to the need to change as that happens. Equipment that you used every day a year ago might be extraneous today. Something that needed to be mobile a month ago might be ready to go into storage now. There’s no point tripping all over your workspace. How can you do your job if the space itself is fighting you?