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My spouse filed for divorce: what happens next?

My spouse filed for divorce: what happens next?

When it comes to divorce, the same scenario happens in most homes: the couple does not communicate like before and when it does, it always ends in a fight. Naturally, someone brings up the possibility of a separation, but the conversation does not result in a clear final decision. Until one day, one of them receives the papers. That is you. Even though it should not, it still comes as a surprise or a shock so you wonder: what should I do next, what happens now? Since you never experienced such a moment before, you need some time to process the action of your now future ex spouse. However, you cannot take too long because there are too much things that you need to do in order to prepare for the upcoming divorce process. Obviously, getting yourself the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas represents your first thought because you want to make sure that you benefit from a competent and experienced legal representative. Moreover, you need to become familiar with the common procedure in such cases.

Once you receive the divorce papers, you need to provide a response

Leaving all the emotions aside, the reality is that you need to think about two important things, splitting assets and custody, if you raised one or more children together. In order to make sure that you have an amicable divorce, you have to contact your ex partner and discuss about it. Suggest him or her to maintain a positive relationship throughout the process and after, for the sake of your kids and your sanity. Starting with the first step you need to complete after receiving the divorce papers, the truth is that you must provide an answer in a certain amount of time, probably in a month. Your ex spouse included some demands in those papers and you have to read them carefully so that you determine if you agree with them or if you reject them. Furthermore, you have the right of expressing your own demands. If you do not provide a response in the time available, the court will consider that you accepted your ex partner’s terms.  Practically, you will act in your detriment.

After exchanging relevant information, you will start negotiations and go to trial

The next step consists in both you and your ex spouse exchanging information. Each one of you will have a lawyer on his side that will give them advice and guidance making sure that everything is legal and that you are being honest with each other. They are able of discovering all your secrets, even the ones that your wife or husband did not know about during your marriage. Hiding money or addictions is not wise. During the negotiation process, once again you sit face to face, with the lawyers next to you trying to reach an agreement beneficial for both parties. After submitting it to the court, you will have to wait for the judge’s approval. When going to the trial, you will have to testify and present relevant documents related to the case that the judge will use for granting the divorce.