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Painting the Kitchen: Completing the Job the Right Way

Painting the Kitchen: Completing the Job the Right Way

Your kitchen may have an outdated appearance, and you’re ready to give it a new lease on life. This space is the busiest area in the home so tackling the project with the proper steps is critical. You want to return the kitchen back to operational conditions as soon as possible. Explore the pathway to a freshly painted kitchen and completing the job in little time.

Cleaning Every Surface

An amazing amount of dirt and grime will cover your kitchen walls and cabinets. These surfaces are designed to hide the film as you cook each day. Paint won’t stick to greasy surfaces so cleaning everything is necessary.

Use an approved cleaner designed for kitchen cleaning, such as TSP. The grease will break down and allow you to paint over it without any problems. Consider this step as the most important and time-consuming aspect of kitchen upgrades.

Giving Attention to the Appliances

It’s impossible to work around your appliances as you paint the kitchen. They must be temporarily pulled out from their locations. As you pull the stove or refrigerator out, take a moment to clean off coils and hard-to-reach areas. Although residents should be performing these tasks on a regular basis, most people don’t pull their appliances out as often as they should.

Clean off dust, grease accumulation and repair any minor issues. When you slide the appliances back into place, they’ll operate better than ever.

Prepping the Area

It’s a professional fact that preparing the kitchen for a project will take longer than any other step. Protect your kitchen floor with flooring paper taped down across the entire surface. You can even use this paper across your countertop if you’re keeping this material. Always choose a product that’s incredibly thick for the job. Walking on the paper will be necessary as you paint around it. Order the paper online, such as through Trimaco. The paper’s versatility works well on this project and other tasks around the home.

Priming and Painting

Remove the kitchen-cabinet doors from their hinges. Prime and paint every surface on the doors and bases. By taking the doors off of the cabinets, they’re easier to paint as you stand in a different location. The cabinet bases and frames are also easier to access with a paint brush.

Take your time with the cabinet-painting process. Don’t skip the priming step. Several coats of fresh paint afterward can make decades-old cabinets look brand new once again.

Use this opportunity and replace key items around the kitchen as you paint it. Swapping out the kitchen sink or faucet is a common choice, for example. It’s the small details that will make your kitchen beautiful once again.