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Popular Diamond Solitaire Ring Shapes

Popular Diamond Solitaire Ring Shapes

Although getting married involves lots of expenses, you should set your priorities and spend money on something that will last forever. So, buying a diamond solitaire ring for your bride-to-be definitely represents a great investment. All you have to do after establishing your budget is decide on the diamond shape that would suit the most the one you want to marry. So, here are the most popular diamond cuts that people usually opt for.

Round brilliant cut

Possibly the most preferred type of engagement ring, the design of a round diamond reflects elegance in its simplicity. The gemstone is usually placed high in a bezel setting, because that exposes the diamond to maximum light, offering it extra brilliance. So, if your lady prefers a classic style, she will definitely love this type of diamond.

Princess-cut diamonds

A diamond solitaire ring that features a princess cut boasts an impressive, stunning look. Its square shape places it among the most stylish engagement rings that you can find in a jeweler’s shop. Furthermore, the princess cut is one of the latest trends in fine jewelry.

Marquise diamonds

Marquise diamonds are recommended for women who have slender fingers, as they can flatter and enhance them in a great way. A ring with a marquise diamond has an elongated shape, and the gemstone is usually oval with pointed ends.

Heart-shaped diamonds

A heart-shaped diamond is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to expressing the feelings that you have for your bride-to-be. Its romantic shape is a symbol of love, so it represents a great choice of an engagement ring.

Emerald-cut diamonds

If the girl that you are going to ask in marriage loves everything that has to do with the vintage style, an emerald-cut diamond will suit her the most. This type of precious stone features a rectangular shape with cut corners, so it can meet the expectations of someone who likes vintage accessories.

Pear-shaped diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds create a teardrop effect, so they are more recommended for pendants and earrings. However, it can look great as a ring on someone who has long, thin fingers.

Oval-shaped cut

An oval shaped diamond is great for someone who has small fingers, because it can make small fingers look longer. Moreover, this classic cut will allow your beloved one to accessorize her ring to the rest of her outfit easily.

Asscher cut

The Asscher cut is very similar to the emerald cut, the only difference is that an Asscher diamond solitaire ring has a square shape instead of a rectangular one. So, it features a square shape with cut corners.