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Practical and Comfortable Green Home Ideas

Practical and Comfortable Green Home Ideas

According to the latest home and garden magazines, green homes appear to be a trend with a strong growth in the recent times. The forms they may take are various from adobe to straw bales, rammed earth or clay, bags filled with sand, cut logs and more. The variety is great, the price is low and the promised comfort of green homes is likely to persuade people to change their whole way of life, therefore, if you are looking for green home ideas, there are plenty you can inspire from.

When it comes to green living ideas, a lot of people are concerned about costs and the time. The fact is that the construction time is the same as for a concrete house, three to four months for a house of 100 Sqm, if you are in a hurry. These houses are not built quickly, nor they should be, because we are talking about natural materials that should dry in the sun and you have to let each stage do its job. Ideally, the foundation should be built in one year and the actual construction should start next year. The materials should be purchased with a year earlier, ideally.

The wood, a durable and reliable material

When you think about green home ideas, the first thing that comes to your mind is a wood home, which can be as solid and reliable as a cement house, with the advantage of being environmentally friendly and having a unique design. A wood house is more durable than a regular house, since the materials used are of high quality and the maintenance is cheaper. The costs of building this type of house are also lower, you will get better thermal and acoustic insulation and the long term effects on health are consistent given that this house assures a higher air quality.

Opt for an unconventional building technique

If you read a few home and garden magazines, you will see that current trends in the constructions field have in forefront the return to nature, the simple, but convenient living, created with efficient and friendly with the environment materials. A technique almost forgotten, but that meets these extraordinary advantages, is the one that uses clay in simple constructions that are suitable and perfectly fit the rural in nature. Being one of the best green living ideas that lately became very popular, this technique involves building houses using a kind of mud, in fact, a mixture of clay, sand, straws and water, also known as cob. The materials are cheap, even free and are reachable to anyone, the walls breathe and maintain a fresh and clean air inside the house while also keeping the warmth during winter and the coolness in summer. The cob house is fire and earthquake safe, it is very durable and you can achieve impressive and original designs with curved walls and rounded windows.