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Practical Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

Practical Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

When planing an outdoor wedding it is hard to know exactly what direction to go, as you have to consider many factors in order to ensure a comfortable setting for your guests. If you want to add a romantic vibe to your wedding, we recommend you to opt for a fall wedding theme, because there are many outdoor fall wedding ideas that can help you create a nice ambiance. However, you have to make sure that you won’t end up having a cluttered wedding decor, so you must focus on¬†autumn symbols that can reflect your personal style without making the place look too busy.

Keep your guests warm

Giving that the weather can be cold during fall, and that temperatures can drop considerably comparing to summer, you should be prepared for a chilly autumn day. One of the most practical outdoor fall wedding ideas involves offering each of your guests a shawl or a wrap. That way, anyone can cover their back and arms, and stay warm during the most special day of your life. Furthermore, we recommend you to opt for shawls of different colors, because that way your guests will have the possibility to choose the color that matches their outfit the most. So, besides helping everyone to stay warm, these pieces can also serve as fashionable accessories.

Replace your flower girl’s basket with a pumpkin

If you want to highlight your wedding theme, you should use pumpkins as fall symbols, so we advise you to have your flower girl carry a pumpkin down the aisle. Instead of the traditional basket, you can use one of the outdoor fall wedding ideas that will make your wedding more original and unique. Moreover, you can make a bold choice and add mini pumpkins to your wedding bouquet. A red and yellow bouquet can add a vibrant touch to your appearance, and more important, it can match the fall season in a great way.

Apple wedding favors and fruit centerpieces

Candy apples are a symbol of the autumn season, and based on many outdoor fall wedding ideas, they represent a great choice for wedding favors. Offering you family and friends these delicious treats will make everyone more than happy, so you should get in touch with your local bakeries to get the perfect favors. As for the wedding centerpieces, we advise you to use fruits to ornate your tables. That way, you will manage to add lots of color to your wedding decor, but also offer your guests tasty refreshments.