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Propane vs. Electric Heat: Which Is Cheaper?

Propane vs. Electric Heat: Which Is Cheaper?

When it comes to the method to provide warmth indoors, all people search for the same thing, more precisely a heating method that is effective but that doesn’t cost much. The two main heating methods used by people are propane and electricity, and in order to establish what is the more cost effective choice to go with, you first have to understand the difference between them better. To find out the answer to your question and to make a smart choice when it comes to the heating appliances that you use, read the rest of this article to learn what type of heat is better and why.

Cost Comparison

While it’s true that there are certain factors, such as supply shortage and other elements that affect the cost of propane heat and electricity heat, it’s not impossible to give a definitive answer to the question regarding what is the cheaper type of heat. Generally, electricity rates vary depending on the power source and on the specific region you’re in. On the other hand, propane isn’t affected by these factors as up to 98% of it is manufactured domestically. Thus, the price of propane is not affected by international events as in the case of oil. However, both types of heat vary in pricing depending on the demand, so it’s hard to say that the final cost of using propane will be a lot lower when compared to electricity.

We found many models at ventlessfireplace.reviews and what we can tell you for sure after analyzing them is the fact that propane burns hotter and more efficiently, small quantities being required to heat up a home. Ventless fireplaces that run on propane are the perfect example as they are able to safely and effectively heat up large spaces without consuming much when it comes to fuel. The same can’t be said about electric fireplaces and heaters as they consume more to keep the same amount of space warm continuously. Thus, when it comes to costs, propane is the winner and the more pocket-friendly option to go with.

General Comparison

Now that you’re aware of what is the cheaper type of heating, more precisely propane, let’s move on and find out what are the other major differences between electric heat and propane to see whether it’s actually worth investing in appliances that use propane or not.

  • Reliability – This is one of the main factors that differentiates the two types of heating. While electricity is efficient and effective, it can be subject to power outages, a moment when all the appliances that use electricity as a heating method fail. On the other hand, propane is stored in a tank, not being affected by any type of factor. Thus, all the heating appliances that you own and that use this fuel won’t fail you when you need them the most as long as there’s enough propane to power them.
  • Warmth – Another point where electric heat and propane differ dramatically is the warmth that they offer. An electric heat pump produces heat below the temperature of your body, while a propane gas furnace keeps the air at a temperature of approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit, operating in short intervals so that it doesn’t boost operating costs.
  • Safety – When talking about safety, we must admit that propane, as well as electric heat, are equally great options to go with. Electricity doesn’t actually harm you as long as the appliances that use it have gone through their regular maintenance work, and propane is non-toxic and lead-free, boasting a lot ignition point and flammability range, being safe to use and to store. Just make sure that the propane tank is properly inspected and serviced, and there’s no danger to using this type of heating.
  • Durability – A factor that influences the overall cost of each type of heating is durability as well, propane furnaces lasting on average up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps.

Environmental Impact of Propane and Electric Heat

While the environmental impact of propane and electric heat doesn’t affect your wallet, it affects the quality of your life in the long run. Thus, it’s important to take this factor into consideration as well. Emissions of all types are doing a lot of damage to the environment and to our well-being and safety. Propane is considered as being a “green” option to go with as it burns clean, producing emissions that are environmentally friendly. After all, there are ventless propane fireplaces out there, so it’s clear that this is a clean fuel. Of course, electricity seems to be the more optimal choice as it produces zero emissions. But this doesn’t necessarily make it the better option as you have to take into consideration the generation and production methods as well. Due to the fact that electricity is a secondary energy source, it is generated by a primary source of energy through manipulation. Therefore, the footprint of electric heat is nocive in comparison with propane.

Conclusion – Go with Propane

If you have made it to this section of the article, you are already aware of what makes propane the more cost-effective choice to go with. Not only does it cost less to operate a fireplace or another appliance with propane, but these appliances tend to last longer, they are more effective, and they are Eco-friendly as well.

While this doesn’t take away from the reduced costs of electric heat as this is an efficient method to go with as well, in the battle of the best option for your wallet, propane is the definite winner. Therefore, if you want to provide warmth indoors when winter comes in the most effective manner while not having to pay too much money, go with propane.