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Sending goods back home in Germany isn’t that difficult anymore

Sending goods back home in Germany isn’t that difficult anymore


If you left Germany a while ago to relocate to another country, you most probably miss your family a lot, and the other way around is also just as true. Most people, when they feel that they want to feel closer to their relatives back home, they prepare a parcel and have it sent to their doorstep. Receiving goods from back home is also just as pleasant, and if you and your family succeed to do this regularly, you will most probably feel better about the distance separating you. Below are some smart tips on how to deal with these parcels in the most efficient fashion.

Dedicated postage services will certainly help

If the distance is making it difficult for you to connect with your relatives, you must know that a professional company that is managing postage to Germany services is the most recommended for a collaboration like this. These companies offer state-of-the-art services and even insure each parcel. If you want to make sure that all the goods will safely reach your family’s house, maybe search for the most reliable company that you can find. As these companies ship from the majority of the world countries, you will be able to also enjoy some German goodies yourself. Your family will certainly enjoy sending you those.

Does my family have to wait too long for my package?

Generally, as the experts at courier ParcelABC claim, these shipments usually take up to a week to reach Germany. As many shipment and courier companies collaborate with third-parties, this schedule may suffer from modifications. Discussing with your own provider will give you a better idea how much it will actually take for your shipment to reach your relative’s house.

What can I send to my family and what should I avoid sending?

While Germany is one of the member states of the European Union, you have to take into consideration that there may appear some restrictions when it comes to the things that can be included into your parcel.

  • Items that promote extremist propaganda, or extreme ideologies, such as the Nazism, should be completely avoided;
  • Vegetables, seeds and sprouts;
  • Toys and sports articles;
  • Money, whether is bank notes or coins, credit cards and debit cards, legal tender;
  • Pirated or counterfeit goods.

Besides these, you can legally send a variety of products to Germany, but make sure to check with the courier company and discuss these aspects.

Are there any restrictions regarding the city when my shipment can be sent?

Generally, these aspects have to be discussed with the delivery company, however, most of these agencies will be able to ship your parcel to various cities in Germany, from smaller ones to metropolis such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf.

This is the process that you have to follow if you want to maintain a great bond with your family, even if you aren’t living in Germany anymore. Make your family members feel like you are just steps away with all the great things you will be sending them from now on.