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Simple Halloween Cooking Ideas

Simple Halloween Cooking Ideas

As it goes with any holiday, the fun lies not in the holiday itself but in the holiday’s anticipation. After all, Halloween is just one night, and when you are fully costumed, it is basically, just another party. However, the fun part about Halloween lies in preparing your costume, in decorating your home, and if you are passionate about cooking, in creating the Halloween menu. If you are lacking inspiration at the moment, we have some great Halloween cooking ideas for you.

Eyeball Pasta

This dish is very spooky but also very easy to make. Basically, all you need is your favorite pasta, pesto, a tomato sauce, mozzarella balls and some green olives. Boil your pasta and then mix it with the pesto sauce in order to give it a green shade. In the meantime, prepare the tomato sauce. While the sauce is cooking, drain the mozzarella balls. Cut small pieces of olives and stick one piece on each mozzarella ball in order to make it look like an eyeball. When the tomato sauce is done, pour it over the pasta and place the mozzarella eyeballs on top. Don’t mix the pasta with the red sauce. For plating purposes, you need the green pasta to be visible underneath the bloody tomato sauce with the scattered eyeballs.

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Hot dog fingers

If the eyeball pasta seems like too much effort, we have a simple snack idea for you. All you have to prepare are some hot dogs. The only twist is that you will have to fix up the sausages in order to make them look like fingers. Simply cut them in finger sizes and make a small nail shaped cut at one end. You can put some melted cheese on the cuts of pieces of onion in order to make the nails more realistic. Last but not leas, don’t forget the ketchup because bloody fingers are not very scary without blood. This is probably the most simple of all Halloween cooking ideas.

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Cemetery cake

If you are interested in simple dessert Halloween cooking ideas, don’t worry; we also have that covered. If you can bake a chocolate cake, you’re golden. Complement that cake with some decorated biscuits which must resemble gravestones. Sprinkle the cake with some chocolate biscuit crumbs in order to create the illusion of the soil. If you want to make things even more interesting, use a food decorating pen in order to write the name of your guests on the gravestone biscuits. You can also use some candy in order to imitate the rocks around the gravestones.