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Spring 2015 Hair Color Ideas

Spring 2015 Hair Color Ideas

Spring is by definition the season of rebirth, of high expectations, of innovation and especially of colors. The 2015 spring season in the field of hair colors is a rich and amazing one, that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Pastel colors are innovative

One of the biggest surprises 2015 brings when it comes to hair color ideas is introducing pastel colors, such as pink, blue or green. These shades look fabulous in combination with silver blonde, but they can also be stunning dark blonde hair color ideas if you decide to dye your hair ends or a few chic strands. By choosing to combine orange roots with blonde ends, or attach a fake turquoise ponytail, you will obtain a one of a kind effect.

Fruity shades of red

Red is one of the favorite hair colors for Spring 2015. Although the past year has delighted us with strong and bold shades of light red, the new year brings to our attention copper shades that embrace light skin tones and delicate strawberry red shades that are adequate for green eyes and cute freckles.

Caramel temptation for blonde hair

Caramel is one of the nicest dark blonde hair color ideas for the spring season this year and it perfectly fits girls with olive skin. If you’re a brunette and a touch of caramel tempts you, you can wear it if you lighten your hair a shade or two. Caramel strands are however safer alternatives you can do from the root or just at the bottom of the hair, something like the famous ombre style. Redheads should avoid shades of caramel because the base color of the hair could look too orange and create a slightly tough effect.

Luxurious burgundy

Burgundy, one of the star colors in 2014, will also be popular next year with its noble and seductive touches. One of the most beautiful hair colors 2015 will instantly help you stand out from the crowd. Burgundy advantages both women with light skin, as well as those with darker skin, proving to be a versatile shade.

Natural aspect obtained with brown shades

While black hair was the specialists’ favorite in 2014, 2015’s latest trends put more accent on brown shades with accents of cinnamon, chocolate and mahogany, preferring to keep a more natural and soft look. Dark brown shades can be embraced by lighter strands that will give a feeling of silky hair.

These are the most popular hair color ideas for this spring. If you want to learn more about the latest hair coloring trends and tips, visit the following website www.haircolorplans.com. There, you will discover all the tips you need for having a diva hair at all times.