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Steps for Computer Memory Upgrade

Steps for Computer Memory Upgrade

If you wish your computer had a better performance, one way to achieve that is to upgrade it’s memory. Here there are some steps that can guide you though your computer memory upgrade process.

1 Check and see if there are open slots on your motherboard

In order to see if you need to buy a memory module that will be added to the ones that you have in the present or if you need to buy a completely new memory module with the final desired capacity, you must first check and see whether you have some open slots on your motherboard. If you do, you only have to buy some memory modules that will improve the performance of the ones you already have. You are looking for the DIMM slots which are the smaller slots on the motherboard and which are usually located right next to the processor. If your computer case isn’t see-through, you will have to open it and take a look inside it.

2 Get your memory module/modules

When you go shopping for your memory module/modules you must pay attention to what type of modules you need to buy – is it DDR, DDR2 or DDR3? There is no big difference between them, the only thing that matters would be their capacity.

3 Show time

  • Once you are prepared to install your memory module in your computer you must do these particular steps:
  • Open the case of your computer. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws if necessary
  • Open the latches on either side of the RAM bay
  • If you need to remove a RAM module off your motherboard and replace it with another one that has a bigger capacity, you should first push down the two white tabs in order to release the memory module.
  • If you have open slots you should just take the memory modules and push down each of them into a separate slot. This is the step when you basically perform your computer memory upgrade.
  • Secure the memory modules with the latches on both sides.
  • Close your computer case
  • Turn on your computer and wait for it to do its updates. You don’t need to perform extra special steps in order to install the memory that you have recently added inside your computer, most computers can recognize it by themselves with no extra help.
  • Check if you have installed the memory modules properly. In order to do that you must right-click on “My Computer”, select Properties and verify your computer memory upgrade.