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Steps in Learning Graphic Design

Steps in Learning Graphic Design

If you want to work as a web designer, you must know it involves several features such as creativity, passion, technology knowledge, patience and the desire of creating things. Becoming a good web designer means, among others, learning graphic design and this is how you can do it.

Get your graphic design education

There are many cases when Art School has tangled the evolution of a graphic designer and few graduates know how to use only what they need from all the knowledge they have gathered. The main problem in learning graphic design in schools is that you adopt a certain style, which can rarely help you obtain a reflection of the client instead of your personal opinion.

Accommodate with basics

The first step in learning graphic design is getting familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel. You can look for web tutorials that can reveal how to use filters, tools and combine blending options for beautiful results. In the beginning, it is natural to create ugly designs that will only seem beautiful to you, but in time, you will achieve higher levels of graphic design. After going through several tutorials, try to create your personal drawings by letting your imagination run free and combining various styles and tools.

Experience various designs

After you are done with the tutorials, you can start to create visual elements that create site layouts, usually using HTML, CSS or Flash. Many layouts include graphics, used for decoration or navigation. The visual appearance of a website is the most obvious but is neither the only nor the most important aspect of web design. After layouts, you can go to logos, templates and posters of events that may have never happened, but that will improve your creativity and graphic design abilities.

Constantly improve your work

For a graphic designer, it is important not to copy a good work, but the feeling conveyed by that work. For that, every day, you have to spend at least one hour on inspirational sites that contain galleries of logos, websites, posters, stationary, packaging and you will inevitably love a logo, for example. What you should do in order to capture the idea of energy, is to analyze in detail the font, the color combination, how it is presented and the context in which it is displayed, the combination of icontype and logotype. Even graphic designers must read books given that inspiration comes from visual and non-visual general knowledge that you acquire.