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5 Tips to Take Your Garage From Zero to Hero

5 Tips to Take Your Garage From Zero to Hero

No matter how many cars fit in your garage, chances are you are using that space for many other purposes. Garages have become a multi-use room, storing recreational equipment, providing space for a workshop and even an area to do your exercise routine.

As your interests grow, the garage space does not, so if more room is needed it is time to look at organizational tips and solutions like automotive garage equipment. With these five tips, you can create an amazing garage in no time at all.

1. Look Up

Not everything needs to be on the floor, so consider lifting stuff up to the rafters. Pulley-operated racks are a great way to store heavy and bulky items like lumber, canoes and surfboards. Additionally, car lifts are made for a variety of makes and models, raising them off the ground with a load of space underneath.

2. Hang On

Much like the unused room overhead, put your walls to work. Whether homemade or store-bought, hang an assortment of storage containers on the wall for tools, outdoor equipment and more. Specially designed wall racks and hooks also offer a handy solution to bicycles, hoses and athletic gear.

3. Roll Out

Not everything can be raised or hung, but it would be nice if it could be easily moved out of the way. The good news is that you can put a lot of items on caster wheels and roll them wherever you want. With a variety of sizes and materials available, you are sure to find the right wheel for the tool chest, mounted equipment and more.

4. Install It

If you have the square footage, think of adding used or new kitchen cabinets to your garage. Full of storage space, including various drawer sizes, a good set of cabinetry can keep all types of materials organized. With the added benefit of countertop installation, there is no limit to the hobby, skill or job you can pursue.

5. Wipe Off

Though it may not add more room to your garage, covering the floor with materials that resist staining and repel water and dirt makes your space easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is epoxy paint, interlocking tiles or rolls of vinyl, investing in a durable and tidy flooring material is sure to bring years of satisfaction.

As we spend more and more time pursuing our interests and professions from home, it is good to know that creative ideas and equipment exist to help us use the full potential of our garage and our talents.