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The 17 Days Diet Principles and Steps

The 17 Days Diet Principles and Steps

The 17 days diet is one of the most famous diets that exist today. The principle that this diet is based on is that there is no body in this world that could have a healthy weight without a healthy metabolism. This diet reteaches the body to function at a better metabolic rate. In simple terms metabolism is defined as the way our body consumes energy. Food is not the only source from which our body takes its energy from. Sleep and happiness are surely other two sources. This can be proved by the following example: even if you follow a right meal plan and you sleep only 3 hours per night you will not lose weight as you wished. In fact, in order to compensate the lack of energy, our bodies tend to eat more food when we sleep less.

The metabolic rate is the speed how our body transforms food into energy. Unhealthy fats and poor nutrition change our metabolic rate. The 17 days diet offers all the favorable conditions for the metabolic rate to be accelerated, which means that this diet teaches a body to burn more fats and deposit less fats.

What you eat

This diet is composed of four cycles, each of them lasting 17 days. What you are allowed to eat during each cycle is detailed in the 17 Day Diet book. There you can find many examples of menus for the whole day and more tips for how to combine food in order to obey the main rules of a cycle. If you haven’t reached your desired weight at the end of the fourth cycle you can reapply it until you will have the body of your dreams.

Cycle one

The first cycle has the aim to accelerate the metabolic rate. The meals that you eat during the first cycle facilitate rapid weight loss and cleansing.

Cycle two

During this cycle you will reset your metabolism and activate it.

Cycle three

This cycle will help you develop healthy eating habits and understand how to eat carbs.

Cycle four

The fourth cycle helps your body maintain what it has learned during the first three cycles.


The 17 days diet works better if you include some exercise too. Mike Moreno, the author of this diet recommends:

  • for the first two cycles one should include 17 minutes of exercise per day
  • for the third cycle one should have at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise almost every day
  • for the fourth cycle one should stick to the exercising rules of the third cycle but skip a day during the weekend.