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The 55-Inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer

The 55-Inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer

Although it might look like an absolute novelty, the touch screen PC is not an innovation, as it has been used in commercial and industrial applications for a while now. The touch screen technology is still used in cash points and self-service ticket devices, but the surprise factor is that it will no longer be confined to museum information points and cash machines. Furthermore, InFocus Corp. launched the 55-Inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer which promises to be more effective than any other type of computer.


InFocus Corp. is a world leader in digital display gadgets and devices, so we should have expected this type of product to enter the market soon. The company announced the release of their 55-Inch Windows 8 All-in-One Touch PC, an innovation that improves the fast Microsoft Windows 8 touch experience for any virtual use clients can wish for. Furthermore, it enables Windows 8 touchscreen gestures like tap, slide, rotate, pinch and swipe. Among other features of the 55-Inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer we can find two-gigabit Ethernet ports, two HDMI ports, WiFi, six USB ports and a 120GB solid state hard drive. It also incorporates an Intel i5 processor that comes with Intel vPro Technology for increased security and maneuverability.

How does it work?

Giving that this touchscreen computer comes with the Windows 8 Professional operating system, it combines the convenience of a touchscreen tablet with the efficiency of a PC. Moreover, this device features a five-point touch for simplifying teamwork, a 55-inch 1080p display, and it even ships with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Therefore, we can safely assume that it was built with convenience in mind. Besides creating top-of-the-line projectors, InFocus is a company that produced the Mondopad, 55-inch multi-touch collaboration PC/tablet hybrid that people will be able to use to upgrade their touchscreen computer. The Mondopad software offers features like digital annotation over papers, video conferencing and an adaptable interface.

What should it be used for?

The 55-Inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer is ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy a higher comfort, but it is mostly recommended to educators who are relying on education software, software firms that want to show their applications on a larger scale, and digital signage companies that are searching for a display which comes with an incorporated PC. However, this incredible device is suitable for anyone who desires a Windows 8 touch experience on an enormous PC display. This amazing touchscreen PC is available for $4,999.