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The Advertising Power of Social Networking Marketing

The Advertising Power of Social Networking Marketing

Marketing and social networks are interconnected and are working together. With their help, people interact with each other and exchange information on the brands they use. Clearly, they trust more the information they receive from other customers and friends instead of the information the brands give them, therefore, social networking marketing is of great help in promoting a product.

What are social networks?

Social networks are formed by individuals or organizations called nodes that are connected by an interdependence such as friendship, religion, knowledge or skills. Social networking marketing exploits these precise common interests by advertising information in viral ways from one node to another, similar to “word of mouth” advertising, enhanced with the power of the internet. The highly popularized social networking phenomenon has evolved and now includes more than teenagers extending their group of friends, but people of all ages, from all countries who have discovered that they can enrich their lives through social networks contacts.
Which are the top social networks?
Based on criteria such as the user’s profile, the security, the searching method and of course the number of users, the most important social network is by far Facebook, followed by MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. By sharing images on Twitter or creating a tagged list of groups on LinkedIn that you can send helpful and important information, you can increase your social media marketing.

The advantages of social networking marketing on your business

Social networking marketing is based on integrating your business on the social networks by creating an account containing the logo and the link to the actual website, then you must socialize, make new friends, communicate about your business and let people know about the new products, services, promotions or events. If you invest in a good marketing strategy you will be able to purchase an extra value and you will gain reputation. Maintaining an active relationship with your followers on Facebook will help you to provide a personalized service that other trading circuits can not enjoy or put into practice given that a social network means a more precise target audience and more customers. A social network helps you listen better to your customers and so come with the best answers, therefore, you must pay attention to the customer’s needs and anticipate what suits you when it comes to your activity. Another not insignificant advantage is that you can decrease the advertising investments by creating efficient social media marketing campaigns.