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The Best Careers for Artists

The Best Careers for Artists

For a long time, people have been under the impression that art is slowly dying and that art students were doomed to be forever unemployed. Indeed, art has had some problems adapting to the new world, which is inevitably focused towards minimalism. However, after numerous transformations, art finally managed to adapt. A lot of people will disagree with the following careers for artists, considering them to be unrelated to actual art. However, as we already mentioned, art has evolved. Trying to fence it with conventionalism is futile. If you are an artistic person, looking for career opportunities in this field of work, here are some career choices which will not only motivate you to elevate your inner artist to new heights, but will also allow you to make a decent living.


This is probably the widest art sub-field as it embodies numerous career opportunities. However, all of the following careers need to have a design foundation, that is, a thorough understanding of shapes, colors and anything else which is visually appealing. If you are passionate about design and technology, you might want to look into job opportunities in the following fields: web design, video game design, motion graphics design, 3D modelling, graphic design, computer animation and so on. If you are passionate about cars, you could consider a job as an automobile designer. Other careers related to design involve but are not limited to interior design, jewelry design, mural design, tattoo design, logo design, shoe design, floral design and so on. If you like to stick to the drawing part, consider a job as a comic book artist or an illustrator.


Animation is the next stage of design. Computer animation, video game design and 3d animation are just a few of the many opportunities for people who wish to take design to the next stage by putting it in motion.


The architectural field continues to be very rewarding from a financial point of view. However, in order to become an architect, one must put a lot of effort into their education. Without a proper education a career in architecture is impossible. This field can also extend to landscape architecture, industrial architecture or even naval architecture.


The entertainment fields offer the riskiest careers for artists. In the field of entertainment, you can either make a lot of money or starve while waiting for recognition. However, if you are passionate about what you do, recognition will eventual come and the money will shortly follow. In entertainment you can work as an actor, a singer, a comedian, a novelist, a composer and so on. If you are not in it for the fame, you can also consider a job as a film editor, a talent agent, a casting director, a voice over or a theater director.