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The Best Dog Breeds for Children

The Best Dog Breeds for Children

All children beg their parents to let them have a dog, and most of them want to take care of a puppy. Getting your kid a dog can help him learn more about responsibilities and discipline, and it can teach him essential skills. So, if you decided to get a pet for your little ones, you should inform yourself about the best dog breeds for children. Here is our top three kid friendly dogs.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of the best dog breeds for children, as this dog is very protective and carrying with kids. A Labrador Retriever is always willing to please, bouncing and playing with his pack members for hours. This loving breed is highly recommended for children who need therapy, or for kids with developmental problems, because it can provide unquestioning company and affection. Parents can also get lots of advantages from getting a Labrador Retriever, because this dig would wear down the kids, making them easier to put to bed. Furthermore, these dogs are great for protecting the house from thieves, as a dog bark announces the presence of a stranger, and it scares a thief away.


Since they are very friendly and carrying, Beagles are great with children. Still, keep in mind that they were bred to be hunters, so they might not tolerate other animals around the house. Therefore, you should be careful if you have small pets like hamsters, rabbits and Guinea pigs around your place. However, these dogs are wonderful with children, and the best part is that this breed doesn’t drool, and it doesn’t have the instinctive need to chew and tear up your furnishings. So, it won’t cause any big damages to your place. Giving that Beagles are not very sensitive, it is very easy to take care of them. The only thing that you need to do in order to keep your pet healthy is to check it for ear infections, and pay regular visits to the vet.


One of the best dog breeds for children, the Mastiff is a friendly giant that loves to be around people, so it can bond immediately with its family. It is very gentle with kids, and when it feels that its pack is exposed to any dangers, the Mastiff will catch the intruder, and it won’t keep it out of its sight until assistance arrives. There are many reasons why families should opt for this brave breed as a pet, but the most important ones is that it can keep children safe.