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The Best Nutritional Supplements vs Whole Foods

The Best Nutritional Supplements vs Whole Foods

Many people ask themselves if it is correct to lose weight by starving yourself while taking nutritional supplements. What they don’t realize is that dietary supplements were not created to replace healthy foods. Furthermore, no matter how many vitamins and minerals it might contain, a pill will never provide the same amounts of nutrients that a whole food would provide. Still, there are cases when pills can be more effective than whole foods. So, let’s analyze the differences between the best nutritional supplements and traditional food.

Nutrition in a pill?

According to many specialists, even the best nutritional supplements have the role to supplement a diet, and not replace meals and healthy foods. A very important aspect to remember is that whole foods include other substances and ingredients that are essential for our body, so relying on pills that contain only one type of vitamins is not the best thing to do when keeping a diet. Nutritional pills were designed to help a diet where there exist shortfalls, but a handful of vitamin pills should never take the place of a healthy meal. Not only that whole foods contain minerals and vitamins, but they also offer fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins and many other substances that would be impossible to include in just one pill. So, a healthy eating pattern is recommended for those who are on a diet, unless they want to develop a weak immunity system and become more prone to catching viruses and getting sick.

When can nutritional pills prove to be effective?

The best nutritional supplements will provide everything a pregnant woman needs in order to take care of her body. Furthermore, women who try to get pregnant should get about 400 micrograms of folic acid from supplements per day, while strict vegetarians should focus on supplements that contain the same nutrients that we can find in meat. However, there are other situations that require the best nutritional supplements. Many people take this type of pills because the substances that they need to stay healthy are difficult to get in proper amounts from traditional foods. There are individuals who’s organisms can’t assimilate vitamins, calcium and proteins from their normal meals, so they need additional help to stay healthy. Senior citizens can also encounter problems in getting all the nutrients that they need only from whole foods. So, adults who are older than 50 must focus on multivitamin pills that contain vitamin B-12, while those who are older than 65 should take vitamin D supplements to stay strong.