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The Best Summer Wedding Themes

The Best Summer Wedding Themes

If you are planning a summer wedding and you don’t know what theme to pick for it, we have some excellent suggestions for you. Whether you are an adventurer, a dreamer, a romantic or a realist, you will definitely find yourself in at least one of the following summer wedding themes.

Color themes

If you find it too troublesome to commit to complicated summer wedding themes, you can always limit your theme to colors. For summer, the best color is yellow. Try to implement yellow in as many wedding decorations as possible. You can also use lemons as decorations, particularly where centerpieces are concerned. Yellow can be beautifully  complimented with touches of white or green. Pink is also a great color for a summer wedding. If pink seems to girly, you can also give mint a try.

Fairy tale wedding

If you are a romantic person, you can consider a fairy tale wedding. When searching for fairytale weddings, you will see that some couples committed all the way and turned the fairytale wedding into an actual costume wedding. However, you needn’t go as far as that. The fairytale wedding can also be more subtle. For example, you can plan an outdoor wedding and decorate the outdoor location, giving it a vibe of an enchanted forest. This, of course, works best if your location is somewhere near a forest. Put light strings in trees in order to make it seem as if you are surrounded by fairy lights, wear crystal shoes, put succulent centerpieces on the tables and play some magical music in the background.

Carnival theme

This is one of the most entertaining summer wedding themes, especially if you can actually secure a carnival location with a Ferris wheel and at least one colorful tent. However, you can also create the illusion of such a decor in a non-carnival location. Use decorations in stripes of blue, red and white, rent a popcorn machine, build a lemonade stand and use hay stacks instead of chairs and you’ve got yourself the essential elements of a carnival wedding. Last but not least, don’t forget about installing a kissing booth.

Rustic wedding

During the summer time, the rustic theme is very popular where wedding planners are involved. A rustic wedding can take place at a barn or on any field. If you can secure a location near a sunflower field, you will end up with some fabulous photos.

Beach wedding

The beach theme is probably the most popular of all summer wedding themes. The fact is that the scenery is already there so you don’t need much in order to make a beach wedding look good. You can take the beach theme further and turn it into a nautical theme or a Hawaiian theme.

Garden theme

The garden theme is great for a small wedding. However, if it is too plain for your taste, you can consider a secret garden wedding theme. This type of wedding theme will require some more expensive decorations such as crystal chandeliers hung on the trees and shabby chic furniture instead of the classic outdoor furniture.