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The Difference Between an Aspiring Artist and a Professional

The Difference Between an Aspiring Artist and a Professional

Art comes in many forms and covers many fields, thus an artist can be either a photographer, a painter, a sculptor, a singer, even a make-up artist or a hair stylist. Art is essentially the most profound expression of the human creativity, however there are some features that differentiate an aspiring artist from a professional, such as the precision, the hard work and the passion in every piece that comes out of their hands.

Artists possess vision and creativity

As difficult as it is to define art, as difficult it is to assess it, given that each artist chooses his own working rules and parameters, however it can be said that art is the result of choosing a mean, a set of rules for using the mean and a set of values that determine what deserves to be expressed by that mean in order to induce a feeling, an idea, a sensation or an experience in the most efficient way possible. Nowadays you can see an aspiring artist at the corner of the street, creating amazing things using spray paints and ordinary lids, or people who create handmade decorations using things you would have never thought could become art. This is what defines an artist, the ability to see the novelty and greatness in normal things and the craftsmanship to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Art is about freedom of expression

Being an artist means expressing yourself and expressing your personality, although this can be hard with all the obstacles an artist confronts. An aspiring artist says ”i would do”, while a true artist says”i will do”, thus if you want to develop your skills and go to a higher level of art, you must take action and raise your boundaries. Being an artist means, first of all, feeling free to create, expressing what you feel, saying something others have not said or said in a different way, feeling something you need to feel. If at the beginning of your path, you’ll make a list of what you do not want to do, it means to reduce your freedom of creativity that in time, you will have to amplify.

An artist’s life means constant work

Although art means expressing yourself in creative ways, this does not mean that anyone who can turn a napkin into a rose can call himself and aspiring artist. Taking creativity and imagination to the level of art means improving your techniques, choosing a set of features and particularities of your work and constantly working on your skills, because being an artist is a way of life not a transient stage.