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The Difference Between Nutrition and Diet

The Difference Between Nutrition and Diet

There is a major difference between nutrition and diet that most people don’t know about. As some may think, they are not synonyms at all.

  • The nutrition is the process through every cell in one’s body is nourished with the organic elements that it needs in order to live.
  • The diet is the way one feeds himself. The way he composes his meals is very important.

Control Parameters

It’s not important to define the nutrition and the diet only for the purpose of having a healthy weight, but for having a rich cell nutrition too. One can maintain his weight in healthy parameters if he eats a certain amount of calories per day less than the daily basal metabolism. This way he will not have any excess of calories that the body needs to put away in deposits of fat. The results of a good nutrition can be observed in time. The main parameters through which the quality of nutrition is measured are the vitality that one feels, the fatigue degree and how fast he gets tired when doing physical exercises. Nutrition and diet are two parameters that are very important in one’s life from the first day of life until the end.

Metabolism rate

Some people think that in order to lose weight they only have to watch what they eat so they will not surpass the calories limit that will allow them to fulfill their purpose. Drinking only apple juice with eating just a little bread each day, may keep your body stay under the daily calories limit and make you lose weight in the beginning but sooner or later your body will take revenge on you by slowing its metabolic rate. If we don’t give our bodies enough proteins they will slow down their metabolic rates. Proteins represent a very important part of our daily diet since they are the food for our muscles.

Types of aliments

A good diet presumes combining different types of aliments and eating diversified food as much as you can. A good nutrition will include proteins, carbs and fats in the daily correct amounts. Proteins from milk are not the same as proteins from meat. Proteins for beef are not the same as proteins from chicken. Our body is a very complicated machinery that needs to be well taken care of or else it will collapse. No matter how beautiful personalities people may have or how beautiful their life experiences may be, unfortunately most of the time people forget that a good nutrition and diet is the main way of keeping themselves healthier and making them live longer.