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The ins and outs of mezzanine floors

The ins and outs of mezzanine floors

Fully integrated logistics and distribution have become crucial in any industry today. Due to the impact of e-commerce platforms, product movement needs to be a lot faster than it used to, which has a direct impact on storage solutions and warehouse layouts as well. To that extent, warehouse managers and operational managers have had to look beyond the standard products provided by suppliers and into custom designed solutions. Such a solution is brilliantly represented by mezzanine floors, which can not only significantly increase storage capacity of a facility, but also minimise floor area, by making use of the vertical space. Mezzanines can be complex projects, which is why it’s important to carefully research their structuralism and applications before deciding to invest in one.

What you can use mezzanine floors for?

Although mezzanines are largely promoted as an ideal solution to increased storage needs, this is not the only way in which you can make great use of an upper level. Indeed, if your warehouse is lacking the storage space that you’re growing business operations demand, then building a mezzanine on top of your existing storage area is a great solution. However, it’s also the ideal answer to lack of office space. Some warehouse operations and tasks do require the use of an office, not to mention the need for a meeting room for the warehouse team, so having a mezzanine installed to that purpose is quite advantageous. Mezzanine floors can be used outside the warehouse environment as well, representing the ideal solution for retail outlets, office buildings and many more.

Why choose mezzanine floors?

Obviously, there is never just one answer to a question, so your storage or space needs may have alternative solutions as well. However, mezzanines usually top everything else for two simple reasons: they’re better than cheap solution and they’re cheaper than radical solutions. You might be able to increase your storage space through racking solution or two tier shelving, but these won’t provide you as much additional space as a mezzanine, nor the flexibility in use that a mezzanine does. Alternatively, you will probably gain much more available space if you relocate your business altogether, but that will cost you enormously more.

What do you need for mezzanine floors?

The answer to this question is simple: you need a great supplier. This is because a great supplier will provide the answers to all other issues in question about mezzanines. A great supplier will survey your business’s site and design the best suitable mezzanine for your needs and for the existing space. A great supplier will handle all Building Regulations for you and will design the project as to comply with all fire, health and safety standards required. A great supplier will be quick to deliver CAD drawings and quotations for your project and quick to install your mezzanine, not to mention the fact that a great supplier will have SEIRS registered installers, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.