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The Most Effective Herbal Tea Weight Loss Diets

The Most Effective Herbal Tea Weight Loss Diets

Herbal teas help the organism to purify by eliminating toxins and the excess water, therefore, if you are looking for a way to get rid of a few pounds and you are skeptical about weight loss products, an herbal tea weight loss diet is the answer for you.

Drink tea and lose weight

The possibility of losing weight with the help of natural products is real, since certain plants or combinations of plants have detoxifying properties and thus eliminate unhealthy fat in the body. Besides, herbal tea weight loss diets do not involve slimming pills or powders that can be harmful for the body, instead they consist in natural ingredients that offer energy and vitamins while helping you remove excess fat.

Green tea

Green tea has always been known for its cleaning properties on the organism and the antioxidant effect, but it was lately shown that the green tea’s abilities of lowering the cholesterol level and burning the fats make this tea an excellent weight loss product. A regular consumption of this tea for at least eight weeks can visibly reduce the abdominal circumference.

Black tea

Black tea has results similar to the green tea by intensifying the metabolism and favoring fat burning while two of its components control the level of blood sugar. Combining the black tea with other herbal tea weight loss products can bring great results, but make sure you don’t exceed three cups of tea per day.

Nettle tea

Another effective slimming herbal tea is the nettle extract, which has a strange taste but gives excellent results. With one liter of nettle tea a day for at least one month, you will manage to eliminate the toxins in your blood and body, as well as the excess water if you have water retention problems.

Herbal tea mix

There are various herbal tea weight loss diets that combine several tea assortments in order to obtain maximum efficiency. Such a combination consists in red clover which purifies the blood, mint which improves digestion, green tea which is a great antioxidant, and dandelion which eliminates the toxins from the liver. Other teas that are very effective for losing weight are thyme, which puts the lazy metabolism to work being a kind of natural caffeine, rosemary tea which acts against fat and greatly helps to combat cellulite, and anise which is a spice that protects the stomach and the liver, which are usually the most affected if you follow a drastic weight loss diet.