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The Most Reliable Golf Gadgets 2016

The Most Reliable Golf Gadgets 2016

Those who love to play golf would to anything to lower their scores and improve their playing skills. So, if you find yourself in the same situation, we advise you to opt for a reliable equipment that will help you obtain a better performance, and make the most of your next game.The right gear can help you make a better club selection, detect the mistakes that you are doing while you are on the course, and reduce your handicap. We present you the most reliable golf gadgets 2016, and all the advantages that you can get with each one of them.

The GolfSense

The GolfSense is a powerful sensor that you must clip to your golf glove in order to learn how to improve on your strokes. This sensor has the capacity to connect to an Android or Apple tablet to deliver an exact rendering of your swing. Furthermore, it can offer you precise details that can help you obtain an accurate evaluation of your playing technique, providing you with information about your club position, and the twist of your wrist. Therefore, with the GolfSense you can find out if you tend to punch the ball, or if you have a predilection for underswinging. This is one of the golf gadgets 2016 that uses Bluetooth to connect and show a 3D rendering to analyze your actions.

The Leupold RX-600i Laser Rangefinder

After comparing golf laser rangefinder reviews, we came across this powerful instrument that can help you obtain accurate measurements and a great course evaluation with the help of advanced laser technologies. Knowing the distance to a certain target is essential when you want to select the proper club and make the best shot, so using a professional rangefinder can help you accomplish all these things without misjudging the shot distance. With the Leupold RX-600i laser rangefinder, you can scan the fairway, and search for the best place to drop your shot, as this device can give measurements up to 500 yards. Furthermore, Leupold RX-600i is a waterproof product, which means that you can use it even when it rains, and it features dimensions that allow you to carry it in your bag without even noticing it.

The Soldius Solar Cart Bag

Among other useful golf gadgets 2014, the Soldius Solar Cart Bag proved to be very practical and helpful for those who need a bag that can do more than just help them carry their equipment from one place to another. This gear incorporates solar panels that you can use to charge your mobile phone, and even your iPod. Furthermore, it features a heavy duty nylon construction, and it includes 2 iPod adapters, 1 mini USB cable, and 5 interchangeable mobile phone adapters. This solar golf bag also comes with a tee holder strap, a rainhood, an umbrella holder and a charging compartment.