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The Role of Sustainable Technologies

The Role of Sustainable Technologies

Nowadays, new technologies are constantly discovered and implemented. In some cases, they bring people together, creating sustainable living communities. For example, all the people who live in a block of apartments can work together in order to implement an Eco-friendly heating solution for the whole building, or they can build a community garden on the building’s roof. Furthermore, the use of these technologies requires paying attention on the impact that they have on society, so environmental issues must be considered when applying them to solve problems. Sustainable technologies have the capacity to deliver great solutions without affecting the environment in any way, so they play an important role in the sustainable development.

The differences between sustainable technologies and appropriate technologies

  1. Sustainable technologies can meet people’s expectations without negatively impacting the environment. Therefore, they use less energy and they don’t deplete limited resources, as one of their properties is to protect natural resources and preserve nature. Furthermore, systems that use this type of technologies don’t pollute the environment, and they can be recycled after being used for a while.
  2. Appropriate technologies promote the suitability of a technology to a certain context, and they usually respond to the needs of people who live in developing countries. Therefore, an appropriate technology might not be the most sustainable one, because sustainable technologies might involve higher costs, which is not suitable for developing countries.

Sustainable living

If you are one of the environmentally conscious people who want to raise awareness of the consequences that our actions have on the environment, we advise you to start by offering a good example to your family and friends, thus creating foundations for the development of sustainable living communities.

  1. The best way to give a good example is to replace all your appliances with Eco-friendly appliances that could not affect the environment in any way. Opting for an energy-effective fridge or a dishwasher that doesn’t waste large amounts of water represents a great way to achieve your goal.
  2. Furthermore, you can try to be Eco-friendly during the holidays, when you can opt for ornaments that use LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs. That way, you will be able to lower your energy consume in a significant way.
  3. One of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas involves using  popcorn strings to reduce your environmental impact. Besides not using electricity, popcorn ornaments are also biodegradable, so they are the perfect choice for environmentally friendly decorations.

Why is energy efficiency so important?

Since sustainability is counting on the evolution of energy technologies, energy efficiency is very important. The consume of fossil fuels is necessary at this moment, but in the long term, the world will have to lower the use of these fuels, because a less-polluting method must be found to keep the air clean. Therefore, important developments in the energy storage are in progress, including fuel-cell, electric and hydrogen systems that promise to offer a better perspective on energy use.