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The Skinny on Garage Decluttering

The Skinny on Garage Decluttering

When your garage has become filled with so many items that you can’t find anything anymore, perhaps it is time to reorganize it and make the most out of that space. Even though the decluttering process might give you a headache only when thinking about it, with the help of racking and shelving specialists such as Rapid Racking and the following decluttering tips, you should be able to obtain a result that will make you proud.


While it is understandable why you almost have a panic attack every time you look at your garage, the secret is to focus on one area at a time and move from there. It may seem like a titanic task, but you need to start from somewhere. Sort items in three piles: keep, toss and donate. This will help you to remove some of the things you no longer use and perhaps even help someone who can make better use of them. Keep in mind that the toss and donate piles should be larger than the keep one, because that is the entire purpose of decluttering. You should get rid of anything you have not used in the past two years.

Install some garage storage systems

Part of the reason why everything gets to be so cluttered is because you do not have a suitable storage system for your needs. It is amazing what you can do with a few shelves, especially when you order them from a specialist in this field. The shelves can be adapted to your needs and they can help you store a lot of things that you could not find a place for before you started the decluttering process. In addition, by creating a storage system that offers you easy access to your belongings, you might actually manage to use them more often, because you will be able to find them without any problems.

Don’t forget the 25% rule

All people have in their garage tools and gardening equipment they hardly ever use. As you start to organize things, you should make a goal out of selling at least a quarter of the large tools you own. Not only will you make a profit out of them, but you will also manage to obtain a larger space to deposit the items that you use frequently.

Install a modern garage door opener

Buying one of the top rated garage door openers will allow you to decide how you want your garage door to open. In some cases, the way that the garage door opens can greatly limit the storage space. Make sure to pick one of the top rated garage door openers, a unit which will allow you to open the door in the most convenient way possible.

Maintain the order

To continue to enjoy your garage, you should make an effort to maintain it as clear and clean as possible. Always remember how hard you worked to declutter the place because it will motivate you from bring it back to the state it was. Make time to find a place for new items the moment you walk through the door and never let them pile up in one corner. You might want to keep a donation box at hand, just to have where to place the items that you are sure you probably will never use at all.

To conclude, if you set some goals and make sure you strive to achieve them, the results will always be positive. Your garage will look impeccable and will become the perfect storage space you have always been dreaming of.