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The Utility of Market Research Surveys

The Utility of Market Research Surveys

The survey is a punctual investigation based on a questionnaire administered to a significant sample of the studied population. Market research surveys are the most common methods used in the field of marketing research and prove their effectiveness in obtaining precise information relating to a specific target audience, from consulting a simple sample of it and analyzing the increase of your market share.
In the product policy, marketing research studies are applicable in the launching a new product, the customer satisfaction evaluation or studying consumer product image. Evaluation of the consumer’s satisfaction due to consumption and use of a product is also an area where market research surveys are extensively used.

Several types of market research surveys

Using the phone interview in an increasingly higher extent is because of the advantages this type of survey has. Today, most telephone interviews are done by computer, for better efficiency and a high degree of control with the help of Computer Assisted Telephone Interview that simplifies the research process, reducing both costs and duration of market surveys.
A face to face interview is recommended for long surveys on target audience manageable in terms of availability. This type of survey offers the possibility of direct interaction with the client and a better identification of his opinions and expectations.
The survey conducted on the Web is an accessible and convenient method for both the respondent and the operator. The main advantages that determine the attractiveness of these polls is the research speed, the ease of collecting and processing data, the low costs and the flexibility.

The features of the surveys

In order to complete market research surveys, you must go through different stages such as building, elaborating and applying the survey, then analyzing the collected data. The main features of the survey are:

  • the communication with the respondent which can be verbally, in writing or online
  • the representativeness of the sample – a research survey is selective because it carries on a sample drawn from the population studied, sample which must be representative of the target community which is analyzed
  • the predominantly descriptive character – in most cases, market research surveys fall into the category of descriptive research because they are focused on the description of the characteristics of a particular marketing phenomenon
  • the predominantly qualitative nature – most of the survey’s objectives aim the data quantification in order to subsequently design them to the needs of the target population