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Thighs and Legs Fitness Exercises at Home for Women

Thighs and Legs Fitness Exercises at Home for Women

The only way you can lose weight fast and efficient is by practicing a sport. The more various and intense the exercises are, the more likely you will achieve results. The gym is a great place where you can keep an exercise routine, however, going to the gym implies a tight schedule and not everybody has time for this, therefore, some simple and efficient fitness exercises at home can help you mobilize and lose weight.
Every woman wants to have sculpted legs and curved hips without excruciating efforts and hours spent in the gym. If you too want beautiful legs and thighs but you don’t want to go to the gym every day, there are some examples of exercises for your lower body that you can do using only a mattress. Moreover, there is also a piece of fitness equipment that can help you achieve the desired results from home. We are talking about a 2016 top rated rowing machine. This type of equipment is getting increasingly popular, the main reason for its popularity being the fact that it works all your body. Without further ado, let’s get started!


This is one of the best fitness exercises at home for bulging your buttocks that you must perform carefully, slowly, with the entire body contracted to avoid balance on the hips and lumbar spine. Lay on the floor on your palms and knees, with the hands directly under your shoulders and the knees perpendicular to the ground, tighten your abs and squeeze the buttocks. Push your leg toward the ceiling, with the knee flexed at 90 degrees and lift the leg until your knee’s height reaches the basin. Return slowly to the floor and repeat. To feel the maximum effects of this exercise, you have to work out four sets of ten repetitions for each leg separately and the lifting effect on the buttocks will be notable.

Back lunges

This is one of the most complex fitness exercises at home that remodels your thighs and buttocks and it would be better if you used the stepper for more stability and safety. Start with your legs bent at 90 degrees, supporting on your palms and the back straight. Then quickly put the leg back and lower into a long lunge, keeping the back foot and the torso perfectly straight. Maintain for three seconds, then return quickly near the stepper. Work three sets of ten repetitions with each leg separately and if you get tired alternate the legs.

Deep squats

This type of exercise also requires a stepper and the movements are very slow and controlled. Start with the feet apart on both sides of the stepper, your knees and back straight and the hands resting on the edge of the stepper. Then slowly bend your knees and move the hands on the other side of the stepper and firmly straighten your back. Hold for three seconds and slowly come back to the initial alignment.


If you are willing to invest some money in a quality piece of fitness equipment, we recommend the rowing machine. Not only is the rowing machine great for your thighs and legs, but it is great for all your body. A top rated rowing machine will work every single muscle in your body. These devices are also quite compact, compared to regular fitness equipment. Their compact shape and silent operation make them ideal for home use.