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Tips For Staying In Shape Despite Working Long Hours

Tips For Staying In Shape Despite Working Long Hours


You work, work, work, all day long. But you can’t help it. You love your job and you love all the working hours that God sends. You’ve been working in the IT industry for some time now and you know that your experience isn’t uncommon. Your job is insanely demanding, so you don’t have a lot of time for eating right or exercising. There is no give in this schedule to add anything else. Yet, if you don’t make an effort, you’ll end up obese. Striking a work-life balance isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility. This is how you can give your wellbeing a boost.

Exercise: Metal Detecting Wins

Despite the fact that you’re working 60 hours a week, you can find time for exercising. You can work out right before you go to bed or early in the morning. Figure out which time of the day is right for you. The question now is what kind of exercise you should take up. When it comes to getting a good exercise, there’s no better option than metal detecting. Metal detecting is a hobby that keeps you fit. If you don’t have a metal detector, buy a Bounty Hunter. Researching the best Bounty Hunter metal detector is what you should be doing right now. Why? you may ask. Treasure hunting has been proven to be a great form of exercise. Metal detecting is basically a combination of walking, stretching, and shifting. You have to be smart with your time, especially when it comes to exercising. So, go metal detecting.

Treasure hunting with a metal detector helps in muscle toning. To be more precise, you have to walk long distances because coins and jewelry aren’t within close reach. Walking builds muscle mass, providing sufficient stimulus and not overloading your muscle fibers. The more you metal detect, the more your leg muscles become toned. Metal detecting isn’t like aerobic cardio, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t strengthen your heart. Uncovering buried treasure helps you burn calories per minute and the best thing is that you enjoy a low injury rate. You’ll get a better cardio workout than runners. What is more, while you’re metal detecting, you feel at ease yet active.

The point is that no other exercise offers you such a great bang for your buck like metal detecting. The hobby is at the same time healthy and inexpensive. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to take up metal detecting.

Nutrition Is Still Important

If you don’t eat healthy meals, you won’t be able to maintain your energy level and nutrients. Diet is the most important thing. No matter if you’re working unusual or normal hours, good nutrition is the one responsible for keeping you in good health. Combined with exercise, diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy state. Eating healthy meals is especially important when you have physical activity on your agenda. If you skip meals, especially breakfast, you’ll feel dull all day long.

The biggest mistake that people make is eating 3 big meals during the day. For staying in shape, you should eat lots of small meals. According to recent studies, appetite, metabolism, cholesterol and blood sugar benefit greatly from a slow and steady influx of calories. What you have to understand is that you should be eating small meals throughout the day. Not only will your diet benefit, but also you’ll not be feeling lethargic. You don’t have to drastically change what you’re eating, just to be more sensitive to the serving size.

You’ve got to learn how to become a master of food preparation. This isn’t difficult. What is difficult is incorporating the right foods into your nutrition. It is advisable to eat at least 30 grams of protein. Why? Because your body needs it to synthesize muscle tissue, keep your metabolism running, not to mention that meat ensure satiety. Equally important is to stock your refrigerator with raw vegetables, like apple slices and baby carrots. Your freezer should be packed with veggies as well as fruits. If you don’t like eating raw slices, make smoothies or have them grilled. Limit your intake of carbohydrates. Carbs like bread and pasta only raise your blood sugar and, consequently, make you fat. The last thing you should be eating is toast. If you have a hot spot for toast, though, at least get whole-grain bread.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s largely believed that you can catch up on sleep. It’s needless to say that this is only a myth. Sleeping isn’t something that you can simply recuperate. What you need to do is get the recommended 8 hours a sleep per night. Missing sleep is the worst thing that can happen. What happens when you program all night long is that you become irritable. If you continue to pull all-nighters, you’ll have difficulty concentrating, and you can even start hallucinating. Do you still think that it’s okay to miss sleep? If you don’t want to suffer from health issues, get sufficient sleep.

Just because you work until late at night, this doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to not keep in shape. Keeping in shape is even more important if you’re engrossed. Have a life that you can be proud of.