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Tips from Famous Graffiti Artists

Tips from Famous Graffiti Artists

All the famous graffiti artists know these tips that’s why it would be wise if you read them and took them into consideration before you get famous!

Master the paper

Before wasting resources – walls, paint and time, you should first learn how to do some simple drawings. Practice makes perfect so have patience with yourself. As long as you enjoy drawing you should limit yourself at ruining only some pieces of paper and save the big walls for later.

Try different writing styles

What would you like to draw in your graffiti works? Do you plan to write messages or you want to draw objects? All the famous graffiti artists have a preference – specialize yourself in whatever you like the most – painting objects or words?

Write the color on the can

It’s a truly existing moment when you plan to buy your first set of cans. You should know that they don’t come with words written on them, so there is nothing wrong with writing on the can the color that’s inside the can. This little trick will help you find the color that you’re looking for and it will save you time and nerves. If it’s darker outside and you are looking through your bag you will want to find the desired can in no time.

Have a good respirator

Inhaling the paint does you bad for your lungs and your general health, especially if you regularly draw graffity. It would be a good idea to invest in a good respirator.

Wear latex gloves

When you paint graffiti your hands usually get dirty. If you have a pair of latex gloves with you every time you do drawings, it would be much easier to do the cleaning afterwards. It’s better for you to choose some disposable latex gloves. Many famous graffiti artists don’t even start a graffiti drawing without a pair of black latex gloves.You can do the same. After you use them you throw them away, it’s as simple as that.

Any aspiring artist should know a few tips for how to create something that will be appreciated. There is no artist in this world who has become famous for his first work. The graffiti painting skills are important enough but the ideas that lead to those graffiti drawings are even more important. Never forget what are the things you want to transmit to your viewers. There are amazing graffiti drawings that transmit emotions and experiences – this should be your main purpose too.