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Top 10 Childrens Books

Top 10 Childrens Books

The best way to educate a child is to teach them to love books from an early age. If you achieve that, you will be in fact teaching the child in question to educate themselves. Books are gateways to countless universes. They develop our imagination and our creativity. Books also allow us to connect with our inner selves, to establish our moral values and so much more. In what follows, we will present you with some amazing children’s books. You will find no Hans Christian Anderson or The Brother’s Grimm in our list. Far be it from us to criticize some of the greatest works of children’s fiction books. However, we believe that fiction can also be educational, which is exactly what our top 10 childrens books are trying to transmit:

1. You Are Stardust

While you will not find this book in a lot of top 10 childrens books articles, believe us when we say that it is one of the best books for kids of all times. Written by Elin Kelsey and illustrated by Soyeon Kim, this book teaches children about the countless ways in which everything in the universe is connected. Though it features very simple words, the book brings forward many interesting scientific facts. It is a great way for children to learn about the world around them.

2. The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau

If you want to teach your child to love art, start by giving them this book. Written by Michelle Markel and illustrated by Amanda Hall, this books is one of the best picture biographies of all times. Not only it teaches children about the life of Henri Rousseau, but it also highlights the importance of doing what you like in life and not giving up, no matter what others tell you. It is a wonderful story about courage and ambition.

3. Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?

If your child likes to ask a lot of questions, you have probably heard some very mind-blowing dilemmas by know. In “Does my goldfish know who I am?”, the greatest minds of our times answer the most insightful questions of a group of primary school children. It is a great way to answer some of your own kid’s questions.

4. Take Away the A

This book features one of the most creative ways of teaching children the alphabet. Focusing not only on the alphabet itself but also on the meaning of words and the connections between different words, this beautifully illustrated book will teach your child to think outside the box.

5. Advice to Little Girls

This is one of the least known works of art by Mark Twain. Since it is well known that conventional children books are unwillingly full of prejudice, teaching your girls that finding their half is the most important thing in life, Mark Twain’s opinion on how young girls should behave is a very refreshing point of view.

6. Evolution: A Coloring Book

Created by Annu Kilpelainen, this ingenious book, teaches children the basic facts of evolution is one of the most entertaining ways possible: through coloring.

7. Pecan Pie Baby

It is often said that kids lack empathy and can be very mean to each other. The truth is that children are simply very blunt with the things that they have never heard of or with the things that they don’t understand. Pecan Pie Baby is an amazing book which teaches children about diversity and single motherhood.

8. Heather Has Two Mommies

We are not yet certain of the best way of teaching children about homosexuality as many conservatories are under the impressions that merely talking about such things will inevitably lead to them. However, “Heather Has Two Mommies” is, in our opinion, a great way to make children understand that family is defined by unconditional love and support and not the genders of the family members.

9. Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space

This book is the best way to awaken your child’s interest to the wonderful infinity of space. The vintage illustrations inspired by the golden age of space exploration are delightful and very engaging.

10. Love Is Forever

This may be the saddest book in our top 10 childrens books. Written by Casey Rislov and illustrated by Rachel Balsaits, this book features a heartwarming story which highlights the most important feeling in the world, love. The book shows how love keeps us united even when we are apart. This book can be a great hep in aiding children cope with the loss of a loved one.