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Top Vehicles of 2014 According to the Specialists

Top Vehicles of 2014 According to the Specialists

2014 was a good year for the automotive industry. From the hybrid i8 that changed the game’s rules, to the super fast Mercedes AG GTS and the minimalist Citroen Cactus, this year has brought big changes in terms of car design and driving. Profile magazines have designated the top vehicles of 2014 according to the driver’s preferences.
Japanese engineers have dominated the reliable cars sector, with their luxurious Lexus and Honda models, which have gained many sustainers due to the new equipments, while European models have managed to occupy good spots in specialized polls. However, options have limited to a top five vehicles that have impressed and revolutionized the automotive industry.

BMW i8

The Bavarian developers have brought a car spacious enough for four passengers, enough room for the luggage and a good view from the inside. With its inspiring butterfly doors, it gives you the feeling you are about to enter a spaceship rather than a car. A hybrid that is versatile, useful, graceful and stylish and offers you perfect driving conditions.

Audi TT

The new Audi TT does not look too different, on the outside. The hilarious and deliciously ironic thing is that the best part of the new Audi TT is hidden from the view in a segment where all that matters is the style (or appearance). While the exterior hasn’t suffered massive changes, the interior was completely redesigned in order to become simple, yet elegant and useful.

Mercedes AG GTS

One of the top vehicles of 2014, this car has a completely changed V8 flavor with 510 horsepower that give a maximum velocity of 310 km/h. Being a Mercedes, words are useless when it comes to features, style, and elegance.

Citroen C4

Even if the name is C4, however, it is based on a common C3, but Citroen has the confidence and inspiration to transform it completely. The flexible protective layer on the side called Airbump, aims to protect the machine against light incident. There are no electrically adjustable seats, and the airbag has been moved in the ceiling in order to make room to a spacious glove compartment.

Renault Twingo

The new Renault Twingo is one of the top vehicles of 2014 in terms of city driving. It is a masterpiece of efficiency, using magic to provide much useful space in a tiny wheelbase. Like the original Fiat 500, Twingo’s engine is in the back, and traction is on the deck below it. Without an engine to interfere, the wheels can rotate 45 degrees, which allows you to do obtain spectacular side parking, almost like a crab.