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Types of Alternative Medicine

Types of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a practice used in health care. Many patients prefer this practice to the standard medicine or traditional medicine. Some also prefer to use both the traditional and the alternative medicine. These are the main types of alternative medicine:

All-encompassing approaches:

  • Ayurveda: restores balance within the body by using diet, massage, etc
  • Homeopathy: this is the type of alternative medicine which cures diseases with a substance which has similar symptoms in healthy people
  • Naturopathy: aims to treat and prevent disease by using the laws of nature and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Traditional Chinese medicine: it involves the use of herbal medicines and mind and body practices such as acupuncture and tai -chi.

Mind-body medicine

  • Biofeedback: it provides information to the patients about their biological functions with the use of electronic devices
  • Guided imaginary: this type of alternative medicine which uses mental images
  • Hypnotherapy: This type of therapy Helps patients improve their health by putting them in a state of relaxation
  • Meditation : the individual enters a state of consciousness to reach relaxation
  • Relaxation techniques : the process which decreases the effects of everyday stress

Biologically based practices:

  • Biologic therapies: these therapies stimulate the body’s immune system by using substances found in animals
  • Chelation therapy: it aims to treat poisoning by removing certain metals from the body
  • Diet therapies: These therapies prevent a specific disease by adjusting a patient’s diet
  • Herbalism: It uses plants or plant extract to treat diseases
  • Orthomolecular medicine: It treats diseases by using substances that are naturally found in the body

Manipulative and body-based practices

  • Chiropractic : It restores spinal neuro-muscular function
  • Massage: It manipulates tissues to reduce stress or pain
  • Postural reeducation: It uses touch to restore patient’s right posture
  • Reflexology: It uses manual pressure to areas of the foot that are related to the body
  • Structural integration: It stretches the fascia in order to align the muscle and bone

Energy medicine

  • Acupuncture : It stimulates points on the body with the use of thin needles
  • External qi gong : Through these techniques, the healers use the energy of their bio field to bring the patients energy in a good state
  • Magnets: They reduce pain with the use of magnets
  • Reiki: The practitioners channel their energy into the patient’s body
  • Therapeutic touch: The therapists identify and repair imbalances of the patient bio field