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Useful Vietnam Travel Tips for a Pleasant Vacation

Useful Vietnam Travel Tips for a Pleasant Vacation

Vietnam is one of the countries everybody started to speak about as a travel destination. After opening its borders for tourism in 1989, the “Flying Dragon Land”, as Vietnam is called, has created a unique reputation among excursions in South East Asia. Being a particularly organized country, you will need a few Vietnam travel tips in order enjoy a safe and beautiful vacation.

Possible visiting destinations

Vietnam is a truly inspiring and challenging destination where you can admire the remains of the country’s tumultuous history, cities with modern buildings, parks with jungles and mountains with peaks in the clouds, beautiful seaside resorts and you can enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Vietnamese people. You can choose to visit the beautiful city Dalat, also known as “the city of the 1000 pine trees”, Mekong Delta, the Halong Bay, or Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

Consider the weather

Weather related Vietnam travel tips are useful if you want to enjoy your staying in this amazing country. The climate is tropical monsoon, with high humidity and 4 seasons in the north area and only two in the south part of the country. You can not say if there is a certain period in which you should visit Vietnam, due to the diversity between north and south, so that when a region is wet or too hot, there is another one which is drier and cooler. Although the weather matters to tourists, it is not a major problem, as all hotels have air-conditioning, therefore heating can be assured in colder northern climate conditions, while the ambiance can be cooled in summer regions.

Get information on the traveling conditions

Citizens need a visa in order to enter Vietnam’s territory, which they can procure at the Embassy. The tourist visa’s validity period can not be extended and the Vietnamese authorities have the right to refuse arrival in Vietnam if the passport’s validity is less than 6 months, therefore you must be very careful when you get your passport.

Take safety measures

Important Vietnam travel tips involve health and safety. In Vietnam you can still find unexploded explosive charges (mines, grenades, missiles), especially along the border with Laos, therefore it is indicated to request additional information from the travel agency before traveling in these regions. While you are in Vietnam, avoid accepting alcoholic drinks offered by strangers, especially in bars. It is also recommend that you conclude a medical insurance prior to departure and that you check the terms stipulated in the insurance policy. The insurance should be complex in order to cover all risks that might occur during the trip. There are no requirements for vaccination against particular diseases before entering Vietnam, still tourists who come to this country are advised to consult a doctor before traveling in connection with immunization against possible tropical diseases