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What are the main types of fasteners?

What are the main types of fasteners?


As strange as it may sound, fasteners are a normal part of our everyday life. They hold your world together, literally speaking. They are used for everything from keeping the door shut to preventing kitchen appliances from falling apart. Every inch of everything is held in place by a fastener. The main idea is that fasteners are essential and you simply can’t live your life without them. There are various kinds of devices used for holding objects together. Are you not curious to find out what they are? If the answer is yes, then please continue reading.


Washers are practically thin plates of metal, often perforated. What is its purpose, you ask? Washers are used when it’s necessary to protect the surface of the assembled parts. Other common uses include allowing mobile parts from wearing bolt heads and nuts, preventing galvanic corrosion, and maintaining material flatter. As a rule, these fasteners are made from metal and plastic, but you can also shop plated steel washers. There are many types of washers, as follows:

  • Lock washers – they are available in all shapes and sizes. Lock washers are designed so as to prevent threaded fasteners from unscrewing. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that each faster is designed for a specific application. The lock washers are meant to fit under the head of the socket cap screw.
  • Square plate washers – as the name suggests, these washers are square-shaped. The fasteners are used for seismic applications due to the fact that they develop friction when they are tightened against wood. The washers offer a much greater hold compared to standard ones.


Screws are very much like bolts, in the sense that they are made from metal and feature a helical ridge. Surprising as it may seem, there are many types of screws, for almost any job and material. These are the main types.

  • Deck screws – these fasteners are used for decking, eliminating risks, such as material splitting, cracking or becoming weak. Needless to say, they aren’t the same thing as wooden screws. Deck screws make it possible to easily install wood, as well as other decking materials.
  • Machine screws – they are used solely in precision applications and they can be turned with the help of a screwdriver. The fasteners hold together all kinds of parts in machinery like electronics and industrial manufacturing equipment.
  • Wood screws – the most prevalent fasteners used in construction and woodworking are wood screws. What else. They are designed in such a way so as to slide through the top piece of wood and bring the boards together.

The bottom line is that fasteners are things that dominate our lives without us even realizing it. As simple as they may seem, they are far from that. The truth is that washers and screws are highly complex components. Yet, it’s normal for them to be that way. How else would they be able to keep things from falling apart? Don’t you think that you need to stock up on some supplies?