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What is the Best Snow Blower for Your Needs

What is the Best Snow Blower for Your Needs

A snowblower can be one of the most useful devices that you can have in your tool shed during the wintertime. Such a machine can help you clear your driveways and your sidewalks ten times faster than the classic snow shovel. Moreover, these devices are ideal for seniors with limited strength for whom shovelling show is not only a tiresome activity but an actual health risk. Nevertheless, there are different types of snow blowers on the market, each one with different features specific for different needs. Buying a snow blower without doing any research beforehand can turn out to be a waste of money. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of various types of snow blowers so that you can find the one best suited for your yard.

Electric snow blowers

This type of snow throwers are ideal for mild winters and are best suited for people with small clearing areas. For example, if the only areas that you need cleared during the wintertime are a sidewalk and a small deck, an electric snow thrower will be ideal for you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these snow blowers are best suited for paved clearing areas and light fluffy snow. However, we like them because they don’t require any gas refills and they are very light, thus easy to carry and to store.

Gas-powered snow blowers

The snow throwers that are powered by gas, usually pack more power than the electric models. Not only can these snow blowers handle light, fluffy snow, but they can also handle heavy, wet snow. There are two main types of gas powered snow blowers: single stage models and two-stage snow blowers. The bigger your clearing area is, the more powerful your snow blower must be.

Special features

Snow throwers may be divided into two major categories, but they also have individual features which differentiate them from one another. For example, some snow throwers have self-propelling augers. This means that they don’t need to be pushed in order to move forward. These snow blowers are ideal if you have inclined alleys that you need to clear of snow. We would also advise you to choose a snow blower with a good chute which won’t clog. It is also recommended that you buy a snow thrower that features an electric start, so that you won’t have to yank a pull cord in the cold winter mornings.