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What Makes a Good Infrared Sauna?

What Makes a Good Infrared Sauna?

Nowadays, many people choose to have home saunas instead of going to the gym or going out for a run. They do know why because their health will significantly improve without doing any effort whatsoever. In case you are planning to buy a sauna you have two options, to get in infrared sauna or a steam room. The steam room is the traditional sauna, yet it is not as popular as it used to be. It is not as efficient as the infrared one and it takes a lot longer to warm up. We are going to talk a bit in this article about what makes a good infrared sauna.

It uses radiant heat

Unlike a steam room which, as the name suggests, generates steam, an infrared sauna uses radiant heat that is absorbed by our bodies in the same way that it’s absorbed the sunlight, whereas the traditional home saunas use hot air or steam. The radiant heat will penetrate deep into your body and by doing so, your sweat glands will be easily activated. Due to this reason, specialists say that it is better for our health to use an infrared sauna than a traditional one.

Comfort is essential for a good infrared sauna

A good infrared sauna will definitely offer you comfort as well, other than health benefits. Since you are going to have sauna baths regularly, you need to feel comfortable as well inside it. You should have in mind this aspect when buying a good infrared sauna. Choose one that has comfortable wooden benches, a complementary window and door and make sure that the wood is certified from a sustainable forest.

Choose carbon instead of ceramic

When buying an infrared sauna, it is highly recommended that you get one that uses carbon infrared heat. By doing so, you will feel better and more relaxed in the sauna due to the pleasant heat that carbon infrared panels offer. On the other hand, an infrared sauna that uses ceramic rods in the panels will offer you a suffocating heat and you will definitely feel exhausted only after a few minutes. However, if you want a good infrared sauna, then you should go for one that uses carbon infrared heat.

Health benefits that a good infrared sauna will offer you

It is a known fact that having sauna baths regularly will help us lose weight in a healthy way. Some people who deal with overweight find extremely difficult to follow a strict diet or to go to the gym all the time. This is why it is recommended that they take sauna baths at least once a week. By doing so, they will certainly lose weight in a healthy way and without any effort whatsoever. We all know that for losing weight you need to sweat a lot. And this is exactly what happens when taking sauna baths.
Specialists say that there are some strict diets which must be followed in order to detoxify your body. They also say that the easiest way to achieve that is to have sauna baths. An infrared sauna will certainly help you obtain that and most of the chemicals from your body will be eliminated when sweating. Another health benefit that a good infrared sauna will offer you is that it will improve your blood circulation and it will also strengthen your cardiovascular system.