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What You Need for a Custom Build Computer

What You Need for a Custom Build Computer

Sometimes it’s cheaper to invest your money in a custom build computer than to buy one that’s already packed. You get very much joy to assemble your personal computer because you get a huge satisfaction at the end when you know you have invested so much work in it. A second advantage is that you get to choose the particular parts of your computer accordingly to the usage purpose. Depending on the complexity of the tasks that you want to do with your computer you will spend more or less money on its components. The more complex the tasks are, the better your computer needs to be. If you want to use your computer for Internet surfing, daily household works, office and business works, scientific and computation works then you need a low performance computer. If you plan to use it for playing the latest video games then you will need a computer that has a performance above average. A high performance computer will allow you to do creative works and media editing.

If you want to make your custom build computer, make sure you have the following items:

Computer case and power supply

Some computer cases come with integrated power supplies. If you are tempted to buy an empty computer case because of its looks then you also need to buy the power supply separately.


This is the brain of your computer. A better processor is able to do more tasks at the same time and perform them faster. It’s one of the most expensive pieces of hardware so unless you plan to do some video editing with your computer, there is no need to choose the most advanced processor that you can find on the market.


The motherboard connects all the components to one another and it’s the main piece of the computer that holds them into one place. You must make sure that your motherboard is compatible with the processor of your computer. Pick how many USB ports you want to have or how many expansion cards you can put in.

Hard drive

This is your long-term memory of your computer. If you plan to make your custom build computer you can choose a high performance hard drive that has a lot of storage space. However if you plan to use your computer for small tasks, 100GB may be enough for you.


This is the short-term memory of your computer. The higher performance the processor is, the more RAM you need to have in your computer.


You can choose the monitor accordingly to your personal choice. A wide screen will enhance the pleasure of gaming.

Modem/Wireless card/Ethernet card

If your computer cannot connect to the internet it almost may be considered a useless computer.

CD Rom drive/Floppy Drive/DVD Rom drive

These parts will allow you to export and import data using CDs or DVDs.