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Which Are the Best Fake Diamonds?

Which Are the Best Fake Diamonds?

Who needs to pay a fortune in order to enjoy the shine of a real diamond? Did you know that the best fake diamonds cannot be distinguished from real diamonds with naked eye? An electric test, a magnifying test, a rainbow test, a weight test or a flawless test could make the difference between fake and real.

Diamonds are compared using the 4C grading system – which is a system that evaluates the physical features of the stone: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight. All the stones are evaluated following this criteria.

Best fake diamonds

Cubic Zirconia

This material has the advantage of having a very low cost comparing to real diamonds. It has the closest visual similarity to one of a diamond’s and it’s visual flawless. According to the 4C grading system the Cubic Zirconia cannot be measured in carats, but except that, the color, cut and clarity are the closest to the ones of a diamond – it’s perfectly clear and it can be perfectly cut. It can be created to have exactly the dimension of any diamond on Earth and it’s valued at only a small fraction of what a real diamond of the same size would cost. Not all the Cubic Zirconia gemstones are clear-colored. Depending on the type of dopant that has contributed to its fabrication, the Cubic Zirconia gemstones may have various colors, including the option of adding different colors in the same gemstone body.

  • The Cerium dopant creates the colors yellow, orange and red.
  • The Chromium dopant creates the green color.
  • The Neodymium dopant generates the purple color.
  • The Erbium dopant gives the gemstone a pinkish color
  • The Titanium dopant gives the gemstone a golden brown look.


The Moissanite shines like a diamond and it’s almost as hard as a diamond. The person who has discovered moissanite, he thought for nearly a decate that the stone was a diamond. Moissanite is a mineral that is created in the lab and is one of the hardest substances known to man, that’s why it’s one of the best fake diamonds which gets the closest to the physical properties of a diamond. The Cubic Zirconia may have the closest look to a diamond appearance, but the Moissanite mineral seems hard enough to be compared to diamond. Moissanite is stronger than sapphire or ruby and it even has a similar chemical structure and a thermal conductivity. Because of its hardness, it’s usually used in high-pressure experiments as a replacement for diamond. Another utilisation of this gemstone is in the costume jewelry.