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Work-out Exercises Using Fitness Mats

Work-out Exercises Using Fitness Mats

Working out is a great way of relaxing while training your body in order to maintain a good shape. One of the easiest exercises you can perform daily without severe exertion are those that use fitness mats, which give you the opportunity to lay down and relax your body during trainings.

Do some crunches

The most common and easy to perform fitness exercises on fitness mats are called crunches and you and your friends can easily perform them on your fitness mats. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent at a distance approximately equal to the distance between the shoulders. The feet should be in full contact with the ground, not supported on the heels and keep the feet fully sticked to the floor throughout the exercise. Place your hands on your chest and imagine that you push your belly to the back, then holding the abdomen tense, get up to about 45 °, not 90 °. Use your abdominal muscles to get up from the ground, not the arms or hips. This is one of the reasons why it is better to keep your arms on your chest, not on the neck.

Shape your waist

This type of exercise shapes your thighs and waistline and you must keep the pelvis aligned with the shoulders and the heels. For this, it is important to tighten the abdomen in order to stabilize the torso’s alignment. Lay on the fitness mat on one side with your knees bent, keep one hand under the shoulder and the other one on your waist to keep the abdomen tense and the heels, the hand and the pelvis in a straight line. Tighten the thighs and buttocks and lift your pelvis from the ground until you form a straight line from your heels to the shoulders. Maintain three seconds and lower the pelvis slowly, then repeat on the same side for two sets of ten repetitions.

Strengthen your buttocks

This is one type of exercise that can be performed on fitness mats and will do wonders for the thighs and legs. Lay down on your palms and knees with the palms right beneath the shoulders and your knees perpendicular on the floor, tighten the abdomen and the buttocks. Push your leg towards the ceiling with the knee flexed at 90 degrees until the knees reaches the height of the pelvis, then return the leg to the floor and repeat the movement.

Work your leg muscles

Another type of exercise implies sitting on the floor on one side, leaning on the elbow. Raise your leg until you make a right angle with the floor and keep it in this position for two seconds. Repeat with the other foot in the correct position with your toes stretched.