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Yay or Nay – The 2018 Honda HR-V

Yay or Nay – The 2018 Honda HR-V


For many, when it comes to picking a new family car, things can get both exciting and confusing. But luckily, there are plenty of review platforms that will help you make a decision with more security and ease. When it comes to the subcompact SUV category, the options are plenty, but a vehicle certainly steals all the attention. We are talking about the new Honda HR-V. learn here what Edmunds thinks about Honda HR-V, as this vehicle seems to be the celebrity of the American marketplace for the past few years. Keep reading below for a deeper insight.

The 2018 HR-V has a sporty handling

If you are dying to invest in a vehicle with a sturdy structure, plenty of space but sporty at the same time, this is the right vehicle for you. While it does not offer an incredible power, the vehicle’s steering and handling are sporty enough, almost impressive for a vehicle in this class. It is indeed one of the slowest subcompacts available on the market nowadays, which is somehow disappointing. On the other hand, the braking is decent, with a pleasant pedal and somehow fast responses. The steering is where this vehicle excels, being maybe just as friendly as the steering available on sports cars.

One of the best ride quality in its class

The new HR-V offers incredible comfort levels, which makes the entire driving experience better, even if it doesn’t drive just as well as others in its class. The downside with which this vehicle comes is that it does not offer any type of lumbar support, and the seats are quite narrow. But it does offer plenty of leg room in both back and front, which makes it just perfect for the taller ones of us.

Increased visibility levels

With slim pillar, this particular Honda version is offering plenty of visibility, which is quite problematic with other cars. Lange change is easy, thanks to the vehicle’s wide windows. This is a vehicle in which visibility is not an issue, being suitable for the beginners out there.

Bottom line is, although this is not an excellent car, it does offer plenty of advantages to those who invest in it. It is a decent vehicle, for your typical American family, and given the affordable price, this is a great investment. Make sure to research your second-hand options as well, for the best results.